Our Wish List

  1. Donate a kayak!    We are looking for up to six kayaks, life vests and ores, and a kayak rack – we have so many incredible places to kayak within walking distance.
  2. Are you handy assembling things?   We hope to reconstruct a used children’s playground set we picked up on craigslist
  3. Are you handy with bicycle repair?   We already have a set of seven bikes, but we want to keep them tuned up and in shape.
  4. A harvest bucket or double harvest bag from Johnny’s Selected Seeds  Thank you Corry Banton!!
  5.  A used or new coffee maker, electric hot water kettle, and/or microwave for our office, and rice cooker  Thank you Anna Cheung, Ben Han, Nina Wolff Landau!
  6.  Help us find a restaurant or store to sell our abundance of eggs in the winter months
  7.  Are you savvy at vehicle research & shopping?  We are looking to buy a used cargo van or passenger van to transport our produce to farmer’s markets and/or for CSA deliveries.   E-mail us if you’d like to take this on, and we can send you info about our needs and parameters for this search.
  8. Help us start our tropical plant oasis – any tropical fruit tree (that is noted for being able to produce fruit in indoor conditions in New England) will do, and we will give it a try!


Surprise us!   But let us know who you are!

Our mailing address is:

Movement Ground Farm

592 Puncatest Neck Road

Tiverton, RI 02878