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Join Our Farmstead! Berkley, MA

2 Bedrooms are available each at $500/month

Now Accepting Applications, Nominations, Questions…

Bright and sunny – 200 square ft – rooms with closet space and full bathroom (potentially shared if another tenant moves into the adjacent room).   Both rooms are identical except for wall color.  Three windows, closet space, new wood panel floors.    Cozy and surprisingly warm in the winter.   $500/month includes internet/cable and utilities, except during the months of November thru March when utilities will be an additional $75/month.   Single occupancy only*, but guests and visitors are allowed.   No pets**

Includes shared living room, dining room, kitchen, washer & dryer, internet & cable TV, even farm produce such as vegetables and eggs when they are available – which is usually always.   Includes a loud and demanding, but extremely cute and friendly, Bengal cat.  Ample outdoor parking, but no garage.  Some storage space available for extra belongings.   16 acres of fields and woodlands to wander and explore, rows of vegetables and greens growing, camping spots in the woods… of course you will have to share these acres with chickens, ducks, goats, and even three large Emu’s.  25 miles from Providence and 45 miles from Boston.  


What does it mean to be part of a farmstead?   The house and the property are part of a small organic vegetable and egg farm operation, called Movement Ground Farm.   Because of this you will often find lemongrass drying above the kitchen in the rafters; sweet potatoes being cured in the corner of our dining room; a busy kitchen with lots of canning, food processing, and cooking; calendars and farm planning schedules sprawled out across the walls; and volunteers visiting us to help us out in the fields.  We live off of the land.  We get to enjoy the freshest vegetables, eggs, and meat.  Our water comes from the ground, not from the town.  This year we almost ran out of water due to the historic drought that hit Massachusetts, but we hope this isn’t a recurring problem.  We cannot use toxic chemicals or flush anything other than biodegradeable toilet paper because our waste water goes back into the ground.  We even have to haul our own trash and recyclables to the town transfer station.   We have baseboard heating, but because it’s an old house with poor insulation, we supplement this by keeping our wood stove lit throughout the winter, which surprisingly heats the available bedrooms first before reaching the rest of the house.  Chopping wood and keeping the fire lit is a daily task.   Shoveling snow is required after snow storms.  Help around the farm, such as – collecting eggs, putting animals away, watering plants – is appreciated, and you can reduce your rent downwards if you would like to do a work-trade.   Pots and pans, milk and cheese, even cereals are shared!  You’re welcome to keep some food items off limits, but we’re looking for someone who wants to participate in shared cooking and eating. 

Information about the farm:


The right candidate WANTS to be part of this farmstead experience, and…

  • has a job and a car
  • is clean and organized
  • likes cats
  • is LGBTQ-identified or is very pro-LGBTQ
  • likes sharing food and taking turns cooking
  • loves farm fresh meat, eggs, and vegetables
  • is willing to help with farm chores, such as taking care of farm animals, chopping firewood and shoveling snow
  • views the hardships and benefits of living off the land as a good thing


*you are welcome to invite guests and significant others to stay over, but if it is a permanent arrangement, we will need to charge more for the strain on utilities.

**some exceptions made for some pets





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