Join the Transplant Committee!

MGF’s Transplant Committee



  • MGF is like a persimmon tree that had to leave it’s home – so one of it scions (twigs) was cut off and grafted onto a hearty root stock, and it is now sitting in a glass of water, growing slowly – almost in a state of dormancy – and it is getting ready to reunite itself with mother earth!  On this new land in Tiverton, it will be cultivated to grow strong and deep roots, and upon growing and thriving it will provide more scions and become the source of an orchard that will feed hundreds, if not thousands, of families!   The purpose of the Transplant Committee is to nurse this sapling through the winter months, transplant it in the soil in the spring, protect it from the elements, and get it through its first year!


  • This will be an unincorporated transitional board – that will serve to help Kohei guide the re-birth and transition of the farm into a non-profit social justice, movement building farm organization.


  • By the end of the year, we hope to:
    • have run a modest CSA program and a successful growing season
    • construct a much clearer idea of the programs we will offer and the impact we will have
    • have our 501c3 status, or be very close to it
    • have recruited and formed a kick-ass board of directors that are positioned to make the farm a success


2019 Goals

  • Work together on the re-birthing of MGF, and it’s vision, mission, values, and programs
  • File for 501c3 non-profit status, as well as think through legal and logistical relationships to the family & property
  • Help think through how to manage/delegate/coordinate farm work this year given the scope and depth of work this first year
  • Assist in identifying and recruiting new board members to serve in 2020


  • One (1) year only, ideal but optional to serve on into 2020 as an “official” board member

Six (6) meetings this year – all meetings on Sundays from 12 to 4pm –

Meeting # 1 – Sunday, May 19

Meeting # 2 – Sunday, August 25

Meeting # 3 – Sunday, October 27

Meeting # 4 – Sunday, January 12

Meeting # 5 – Sunday, February 2

Extra Meeting – Sunday, March 1

  • In addition to board meetings, there will be at least a few hours of work between meetings


Baby Bumping Friendly, Pro Mom, Radical Day Care, Farm Camp Idea

  • Provide a mom, kid, and family-friendly way for folx to participate
  • Will have two baby sitters – my sister Emiko, Gladys Gould, and hopefully someone else
  • Kids (and parents) can have fun at the farm and develop hopefully long-lasting relationships!