Become an Owner, Investor!

It all starts with a vision.


We were tired of building temporary structures and mobile farm stands.   No longer able to afford building structures which we would not be able to own, we needed the sense of stability that comes with ownership of land, even if ownership is a relative term and in actuality no one truly owns land.

We needed farmland in the most expensive farm real estate market in the nation.   And we needed it close enough to the communities of the Boston Providence metropolitan area.   And we wanted a landscape that could inspire our communities to roll up their sleeves, and put in the hard work.

But, we just didn’t have that type of money.

After finding a small plot of land that seemed to have everything.   We put out a question to the community – if we purchased this land, would you be interested in investing and becoming a partial owner?   And overnight and over the weekend, a string of YES’s poured in!

That is when the Puncatest Heights Land Collaborative LLC was born.  Enough current and former CSA members wired their investments to make an all cash offer for the property in September of 2018.   After navigating a number of hoops and hurdles, the property finally closed and became the property of the Collaborative in March of 2019!

The Collaborative will eventually be launching a second round of investment in order to fund building and infrastructure projects that can help the property host both a functional farm and a community space.   Such projects include:

  • a multi-functional barn for cold storage, farm storage, and community meeting space
  • two greenhouses to enable year round food production
  • a solar PV system to generate 100% of our electrical needs
  • an expanded driveway and parking lot

If you are interested in investing, whether it is the minimum $5,000 share or more, please email the Collaborative at