The Land & Food

Photo courtesy of our friend at Punto De Aries • Phos-GraphΦs

Photo courtesy of our friend at Punto De Aries • Phos-GraphΦs

At Movement Ground Farm, we are growing a variety of mixed vegetables with a focus on Asian produce, though it also will include western produce like some found at your local market (i.e. tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant).  We also raise free-range chickens and ducks to provide us with fresh eggs.  The chickens and ducks are fed on only organic grain and supplemented with vegetable scraps.

Farmer Kohei is working on growing shiitake and oyster mushrooms on a partner mushroom farm.  Logs are inoculated with mushroom spores and, in the right conditions, they multiply and can be harvested.

Regarding the stewardship of the land, we believe in sustainable and organic practices (though we are not officially certified organic as the process can be costly for small farms).  Only organic sources of fertilizer and amendments will be used, and only organic cultivation practices—such as crop rotation, cover cropping, foliar feeding with kelp and molasses, and row cover—will be implemented.  We believe these methods keep the land healthy and viable for our growing needs for years to come.