Vision & Mission Statement

Working Draft Vision, Mission, Values statement, current as of 1/29/2019



We believe in a world where all individuals and families are empowered, sustained, and grounded by an intimate connection to land, food, and community.  Movement Ground Farm is premised on a vision that we have the ability to heal our bodies, restore our spirits, build our own systems, and fight for our highest ideals.


We envision a day where communities, who have historically been uprooted and displaced due to land theft, slavery, war, gentrification, development, and environmental destruction, can once again turn to land as a source of healing, sustenance, empowerment, reflection, and guidance.



Our mission is to grow a sustainable, collaborative community-based farm that has the capacity to feed, inspire, and connect landless, displaced, and disenfranchised communities.

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➢        Urban youth organizers have open space and a farm to which they can retreat.

➢        Families and children can learn how their food is produced, where it is grown, and actually participate in the process.

➢        Seasonal gatherings unite diverse sectors of New England’s social justice community.

➢        Refugee elders find solace and empowerment in passing down their agricultural knowledge base.

➢        Food-related businesses are formed and supported, as cooperatives or as fund-raising streams for organizations.

➢        Friends and families make their own jams and pickles.

➢        Bartering of goods and services within our communities replace meaningless credit card swipes at Walmart.

➢        Everyone, and every organization and movement, develops a greater level of autonomy and self-determination

➢        Our microcosm serves as a model for how we can anchor our families, organizations, communities, and movements in an autonomous food system.



ORIENTATIONS At The Farm (and in life)

  1. Open your connection to the power and gift of land
  2. Identify emotional, spiritual blockage and trauma, and work towards healing
  3. Love, forgive, and show compassion for yourself
  4. Nourish your body with real food, your spirit with true joy
  5. Strive for appropriate exercise and physical health
  6. Cultivate mindfulness, balance, and presence
  7. Do whatever you have to do to find your highest purpose in life
  8. Design an expansive, abundant and clairvoyant vision
  9. Shape, re-invent and re-discover yourself, daily if that’s what it takes
  10. Be in community, give to community, receive from community
  11. Align the fight of your life with the movement fight needed for the people and the planet