Searching for a Farm Manager

The winter has been restful, and busy, as we bunkered down to plan out our next steps after experiencing our first growing season in Tiverton.   There’s a lot of exciting news and developments that we will be announcing and rolling out over the next couple of months.  But first things first.

We need a Farm Manager!   And we are looking to hire as early as March 1.  This will be a full-time and year-round position which we hope will help the farm build and anchor a solid farm team.   Of course, we are looking for more than just a Farm Manager.   We are looking for someone who shares our vision for social change, our defiant values to combat systemic state violence, our belief in the power of youth and community organizing to affect the radical and transformational change that is being required of our country and the world at this brief moment in history.   We are looking for someone who is just not cool with the culture of whiteness and gentrification that surrounds access to healthy food in our neighborhoods, and someone who is excited about growing food for communities of color.   We are looking for someone who is equally excited about growing beautiful and bountiful produce as they are about hosting social justice gatherings and movement retreats.   If you think you might know of a person, definitely reach out to me.   If you think you can help send this job announcement out to list-serves or your social networks, please do!

And do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the job.   Here’s the link with the full job description, including required skills and experiences, compensation, and how to apply.


Thank you!

Kohei Ishihara





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