2020 CSA Shares

If you would like to know more about what a CSA is and how it works, as well as what produce we grow, check out our Q & A page.

If you are ready to sign up now, here is the link to the sign up now!



Each share consists of 5 vegetable items, with options of adding a half dozen or full dozen eggs.    For example, you will get something equivalent to a pound of tomatoes, a bunch of carrots, a pound of green beans, a head of lettuce, and a watermelon.   



We will be re-introducing egg layers into our farm production this year!   Our first flock will consist of Rhode Island Reds, Ameraucanas, Saphire Olive Eggers, and maybe Black Copper Marans.  We will also get a flock of quails – and we will cycle in quail eggs as part of the egg share so that, in general, each CSA member will receive quail eggs twice a season.   We will not be re-introducing ducks until we get a barn – but we might get a few ducks just for fun.   All our birds will be fed organic grains, left overs from the farmer’s market, kitchen scraps, and will have access to bugs, turf, sunlight, and fresh air on the pasture.



We have averaged the price of each vegetable item at $3.75 each.  Sometimes you will receive items which typically costs less than that, such as a bunch of scallions or basil.   Other times you will receive items which would normally cost much more than $3.75, such as two pounds of heirloom tomatoes.   Eggs are valued at $5 per half dozen and $10 per dozen, and the price reflects the considerable amount of work and love that goes into small scale pasture-raised poultry operations.  Even at this price range, the operation is pretty much a break-even operation.

We also added $7 to each share to cover some of the extra programming and administrative costs in running this type of CSA and farm – the driving and logistical coordination we do to distribute food with grassroots organizations in communities of color,  the workshops and events we organize that are generally only open to CSA members, and the work we are doing for the long haul in building a farm that becomes a space for healing and connection that is grounded in a community of social justice movement organizations and networks.

THE SUMMER SHARE * 14 weeks * June 23 – Sept 22

It is estimated that our hens will begin laying between August 1 – 15, and so eggs will only be included (and priced) for the last 5 weeks of the Summer share.

  • Vegetables only $360.50
  • Vegetables w/ half doz eggs $385.50
  • Vegetables w/ full doz eggs $410.50


THE FALL SHARE * 13 weeks * Sept 29 – Dec 22

  • Vegetables only $334.75
  • Vegetables w/ half doz eggs $399.75
  • Vegetables w/ full doz eggs $464.75



SEEDS & BABY CHICKS SPECIAL – $15 OFF – IF PAYING BY MARCH 1st.   Receive a $15 discount if you pay before March 1st, allowing us to get the necessary early funding to buy seeds and the baby chicks that will make up our first flock of egg layers.

SOIL AMENDMENT SPECIAL – $10 OFF – IF PAYING BY MARCH 21st.  Receive a $10 discount if you pay before March 21st which will help us pay for organic soil amendments – such as rock mineral salts, calcium, and compost.

SPECIAL – $5 OFF – IF PAYING BY APRIL 21st.   Receive a $5 discount if you pay before April 21st which will help us pay our greenhouse heating bill, our farmer’s market fees, as well as stock up on our packaging supplies.

WE WILL ALSO APPLY A DISCOUNT IF YOU ARE A FORMER CSA MEMBER.  $1 off for every year that you have been a CSA member.





Drop Off Sites Addresses Times
PrYSM * Providence Youth Student Movement 669 Elmwood Avenue

Providence, RI 02907

Tuesdays, 4 – 7pm
AARW * Asian American Resource Workshop 42 Charles Street

Boston, MA 02122

Tuesdays, 4 – 7pm
MGF * Movement Ground Farm 592 Puncatest Neck Road,

Tiverton RI 02878

Tuesdays, 1 – 7pm
GRI * Grassroots International Only Open to GRI Members



  1. We want you as a person and member of the community – not just your money!  The CSA is open to anyone who wants access to our produce, believes in our vision, and wishes to contribute to building our farm with us!   We urge that all CSA members contribute non-financially in some way – there are a number of ways you can contribute and the full list of options is on our sign-up page, but some examples are: through labor at one of our volunteer days, joining a working committee or ad-hoc committee on our board of directors, providing logistical support (food or help with day care) at one of our workshops, or being part of our harvest celebration event planning team.
  2. You understand that you are sharing in (most of) the risks, benefits, and rewards of being part of a small New England farm!  Buying a share is similar to making an investment in the farm and it’s season.   Sometimes produce will be in abundance – CSA shares will be large, there will be optional free items, opportunities to pick your own items, or get masses of produce to make jams or pickles.  Other times, produce might be scarce.   There is wide variability due to the many things that can happen during the season – prolonged periods of overcast weather, drought, storms that cause wind damage, influxes of small pests (such as flea beetles), herds of larger pests (such as deer), and predators that may make a strike on our egg-laying hens.   And of course, there are human and organizational errors we may make as farmers that may hinder the output.
  3. You accept the adventure, challenge, and opportunity to use the produce that we give you (to your best ability).  You cannot opt out of certain vegetables because it is too difficult for us to handle logistically, but we will make exceptions only if someone has a severe food allergy.   You can also opt to pick up your CSA share at one of our farmer’s markets or farm stand – and there you have the option to pick out and choose your own produce items.