Red cabbage, Red jalapeno

Red vegetables derive their color from natural plant pigments found in phytochemicals (plant based chemicals) called lycopene and anthocyanins. Lycopene may help reduce risk of heart attacks and certain types of cancer, most notably prostate cancer. Anthocyanin is thought to improve heart health and the overall function of the body.   So this week, in addition to eating for fun, sustenance, nourishment, and energy, eat for your heart!



Red Cabbage

Red basil (aka thai basil)

Red Russian kale

Red onions

Baby lettuce w/ red mizuna

Red bell peppers for Providence

Red shishito peppers for Tiverton, JP, and Dorchester

* Rotating items – you might receive these this week or another week – okra, yard long beans, green beans

*Free item – red jalapenos!



Note on the Onions & Cabbage!

Onions were not cured properly so they may not store for a long time.   If parts are spoiled, they can simply be cut out.   And while we did soak the cabbages for quite some time in water, it may not have been enough for encourage the cabbage worm to vacate!   So be on the lookout!




This week’s bouquets!





Red Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese & feta




Charred Red Jalapeno Salsa





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