End of Summer 2019 CSA!!

Week 13


September 24, 2019

*depending on Drop-Off site

Bundle of chiogga beets (aka candy cane beet)


Bundle of flowering green shiso

 ~ Gift of Farmer Kohei’s homemade husk cherry jam! ~

*Lacinato kale & Red bell peppers for Providence

*Green curly kale & Striped German tomato & Red shishito peppers for JP

*Lacinato kale & Bittermelon & Red bell peppers for Dorchester

*Green curly kale & Yard long beans & Striped German tomato for Tiverton



MGF lacinato kale

View of the sunset from our row of lacinato kale (aka dinosaur kale)

This is the LAST WEEK for our 2019 Summer CSA!!!  It has been 13 weeks filled with growth, challenges (i.e. dealing with hoards of flea beetles attacking our poor arugula, bok choy, or komatsuna!), weather extremes (i.e. a delayed start in growing due to periods of rain, or the summer heat waves), our first time being at the Westport, MA Farmer’s Market, having the company of the Ishihara family nearby…!!!

It certainly has been an adventure.  Thank you for continuing this journey with us! And if you’re joining us for the 2019 Fall CSA, we will be seeing you in a couple weeks.  There will be a one week break, and then we will begin the Fall CSA on Tuesday, October 8th.

AND…. to mark the transition from summer to fall, and to continue on with a similar tradition since we’ve begun Movement Ground Fall… we will be holding a HARVEST CELEBRATION for our CSA Members!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2019
12:30pm – 3:30pm
Potluck-style Community Meal
with one FEATURE meal of MGF curry noodle soup
(some additional farm produce available for feasting)

Where:  at the farm, 592 Puncatest Neck Road, Tiverton, RI
Cost:  1 ticket for 1 CSA member, each additional person $10, children 10 and under free
Parking:  street parking

RSVP via https://forms.gle/W2Bo6MkfBHpsYsrL6


This week’s latest Flowers for Justice bouquets (left) and farm stand display bouquets using the bolted, flowering carrot tops (right).




Susan Ferry kohlrabi, beet, carrot (apple) salad with herb

Susan’s CSA salad of kohlrabi, chiogga beet, & carrots (with apples and cilantro)


Flowering Green Shiso

Green Shiso Flower

A flowering green shiso plant

The above photo is of a similar shiso plant that has flowering buds attached.  This week you’ve been given some green shiso leaves with almost flowering buds.  You can EAT and incorporate the slightly herby and lightly floral, and oh-so-pretty buds along with the actual shiso leaves!  Yum.  See below photo for an idea.  Sprinkle the buds onto scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, pasta dishes, rice bowls, fried rice, sushi, wraps… anything!

Farmer Kohei’s fresh and local tuna with flowering shiso buds & shiso leaves
Left:  tuna sashimi plate sprinkled with shiso buds, decorated with shiso leaves
Right:  tuna cucumber shiso leaf maki roll, plate decorated with shiso leaves

A few posts ago, I’ve posted a few different shiso recipes to feature the unique herb.  Read here for more shiso ideas.  As for the flowering buds, think of it as a light garnish and have fun garnishing it on everything!  Really, try pulling the shiso buds off and test it on any food:  a grilled cheese, on top of hummus, your hot dog…


CSA Customer Creations

Kohei's Golden Beet dairy free cake

Farmer Kohei’s golden beet, vegan cake with vegan cream cheese frosting, & sandwiched in the between the layers is his very own husk cherry jam

MGF chili peppers medley

Judy can’t wait to dehydrate these spicy little chili peppers, and make her own ground chili pepper powder! (Inspired by Susana’s creation from a previous week)

Judy's shishitos 1

Judy’s blistered shishito peppers, later topped with a light, sweet soy dressing

It’s been a slow week for cooking projects, it seems, as we haven’t gotten a lot of shared photos of anyone’s cooking.  I swear I’m not only posting my own food photos 😛 !!  Please keep cooking up a storm and inspiring us with your own meals (then promptly take photos of it and share it with us)!


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