Week 11: Red potatoes & Sage!

Week 11


*depending on Drop-Off Site

Red potatoes

Bundle of sage

Sweet red-turning bell peppers

A full pint of husk cherries

*Yard long beans  and green curly kale for Providence

*Striped German heirloom tomatoes and red Russian kale for Dorchester

*Okra and laccinato kale for Tiverton

*Green beans and Siberian kale for JP




Summer is STILL here with our third to last CSA delivery of the summer!

While the tomatoes are nearing their very end, we were surprised with a new near-perfect flush of large striped german heirloom tomatoes!    Just in time because Dorchester folks never got to experience them yet!   New transplants of beets, lettuce heads, daikon, and turnips are rising in neat rows in the fields … and trays of bok choy, spinach, napa cabbage, and mustard greens await in the greenhouse for a planting this week (or next).


Flowers for Justice CSA


A vigil for Philly was held in Woonsocket, RI this past Sunday, September 8, 2019.

And the Flowers for Justice CSA had an impact this past week!

  •  $300 went to support the Legal Fund of the AMOR Network (Alliance for the Mobilization of Our Resistance).  The legal fund supports immigrants and refugees facing unjust detention and deportation.  Another $300 went to directly support a single-mother from Guatemala who has been facing extreme hardship as she awaits the results of a long battle in immigration court
  • $600 went to PrYSM (Providence Youth Student Movement), who directed the funds to pay for the air fare to transport the body of “Philly” Channara Pheap, to bring him back home to Providence for a ceremony at the Wat Thormikaran temple on Hanover Street, marking the 7th day since his passing.    Philly was the brother of a former PrYSM staff member, whose family now resides in Tennessee.  He was shot in the back and killed by a police officer in Tennessee last week – and his family is NOT going to rest until there is a full, unbiased investigation!  PrYSM worked with the family to get an article out in the Providence Journal, they provided food at the funeral, and will be providing legal and community organizing support from afar, as all the real on-the-ground work will have to happen in Knoxville.



Worksharers Martha, Josh, and Cata, harvest zinnias for the Flowers for Justice CSA


AMOR (Alliance for the Mobilization of our Resistance) is one of the recipients of the proceeds from our Flowers for Justice CSA.   Here they are protesting the 212-c agreement between ICE and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department.




NomNomPaleo rst pepper recipe
Try this Roasted Bell Pepper with Balsamic Vinegar &
Extra Virgin Olive Oil recipe by Nom Nom Paleo

It can be eaten as is or as an addition to other meals like salad, as a side for meat or other protein, to throw into an omelette, etc.  You don’t need to peel off the skin of the bell pepper as called for in the recipe, but it may help to get rid of the overly charred parts.  And roasting of the peppers could be done on a broiler setting of an oven, if you prefer not to watch it closely over your open burner.  Fun fact:  green bell peppers ripen to become red bell peppers (the same goes for the habanero chili pepper, it starts off green and ripens into red)!

Try this Indian-style Bell Pepper and Potato Stir-fry by
Piping Hot Curry



gingertooth&twine sage herb pasta
Whole herb infused pasta sheets
(photo & idea by GingerToothandTwine on Instagram)

If you want to attempt pasta making, no better time than the present!  Or at least, you could find pasta dough and roll it out yourself.  When at the folding and rolling out stage, try placing whole, clean sage leaves and other herb leaves in between the layers before rolling out again.  You’ll get pretty pasta sheets like above that also will infuse the pasta with the herb flavors.  Yum!  You could also slice up sage thinly and pan fry it with butter to then top off your pasta dishes, or anything really.  I imagine some thinly sliced sage would toast up nicely on top of pizza, too.  But if you imagine anything typically grown and eaten in Fall, like squash & gourds (i.e. pumpkin, kabocha squash, spaghetti squash), apples, or potatoes, these are all good pairings with sage!  Or throw some crushed up sage onto meats with oil, salt, and pepper and cook as usual.

Garlic-Sage-Smashed-Potatoes by Trial-and-Eater
Try these Garlic Sage Smashed Potatoes by Trial and Eater


Husk Cherries.. again!

MGF husk cherries & cantaloupe slushie
Martha in the fields picking husk cherries (while enjoying a cantaloupe ice)

Just a reminder about what to do with husk cherries, if you don’t want to just pop them straight into your mouth (though, that’s the easiest route)!  A few posts ago from the Week 8 blog post, we posted about “the Kitchn’s “5 Reasons You’ll Want to Buy Husk Cherries at the Farmer’s Market”.  Suggestions come with links for baking with it, making jam, salad, or salsa, etc.  Of course, you can always just eat it raw out of its husk, it’s a nice treat as is (but a bit of a pain to harvest, so please cherish it or share it if it’s not your taste)!”



sauteed garlic kale by Delish
Sauteed Garlic Kale by Delish.com

All of you are getting a different variety of kale, but it’s pretty much all the same in terms of cooking methods.  Some recipes say you can ditch the stalk of the kale, but you actually can cook and eat it.  It just cooks for a longer time than the leaves.  So chop up the stalks into 1/2 or 1/4 inch pieces and sauté first in the same manner as a recipe you choose, cover with a lid to cook faster, than throw in the leaves as directed.  And give kale chips a try for a crunchy, addictive snack!



CSA Customer Creations

Suzanne's kabocha SEA seafood curry

Suzanne’s Southeast Asian-inspired seafood & kabocha curry stew (MGF kabocha)

MGF friends & gifted veggie platter

Farmer Kohei celebrated friends’ soon-to-be baby coming into the world with a custom MGF veggie platter!

Katie&Go carrot green shiraae

Katie & Go’s carrot top greens shiraae (a Japanese tofu paste flavored with miso and sesame;  MGF carrot top greens)

Judy bittermelon tokana scallion bok noodles

Judy’s bean thread noodle stir fry with MGF greens (bitter melon, scallions, takana greens, bok choy)

Claire's homemade tomato sauce w: sausage

Claire’s homemade tomato sauce with sausage and pasta (MGF tomatoes)

Casey Cutting itzik salad w: MGF veg

Casey’s itzik salad (MGF green zebra tomatoes & onions)



On the Farm

MGF Tiverton sunset

Farmer Kohei caught this sunset view at the nearby beach!


Striped german heirloom tomatoes strangely survived the onset of blight which devastated all of our other tomatoes – these ones are headed to Dorchester!


Pints of habaneros, southeast Asian chili peppers, and jalapenos, as well as husk cherries before they are packed up into CSA boxes


Getting ready for the Fall planting – trays of lettuce, bok choy, mustard greens, napa cabbage, scallions, collard greens, and spinach!

MGF tractor making rows

Making new rows in the field with the handy, new, mini tractor!

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