Tomato Sauce Season!!! And Week 10

Week 10

September 3, 2019

*depending on Drop-Off site


Kabocha squash

Yellow onions

Heirloom tomatoes

Assorted herbs


*Yard Long beans for Dorchester

*Poblano peppers for Tiverton

*Lunchbox peppers for JP

*Red Shishito peppers for PVD

Freebie item:  half pint of Sungold cherry tomatoes

Optional Bulk Item:  Heirloom Tomatoes by the box!!!
(Roast them! Sauce them! Can them!)




Kabocha Squash

Kabocha Sqash Soup and Quinoa by Candice Kumai

Here’s a soup that uses the kabocha squash without puréeing it all up, plus, you don’t have to cut off the outer skin!  Coming straight from the farm, you know how the squash has been cared for and grown, so there isn’t any concern of residue on the outer peel (if it ever was a concern to begin with).  Plus, the peel/skin holds nutrients and fiber, too!  So this recipe is a nice vegan/vegetarian recipe, but you certainly don’t have to keep it that way.  My mom (Judy’s mom) lives by the mantra of ‘need more flavor, add fish sauce!’  Influenced by my Southeast Asian side and years of eating my mother’s cooking, she’s not wrong :D.

Feel free to try using a chicken broth instead of the requested vegetable broth.  Flavor it with fish sauce instead of soy sauce, or in addition to it!  Use up whatever greens you may have and add it in (cooking wilt-y looking or yellowing greens into soups is a great way to use it up without it going to waste).  Instead of the requested quinoa in the soup, try eating it with rice; just cook rice separately and add rice into your bowl when serving.

There are also quite a few kabocha squash recipes in last week’s post, so look back at those for more ideas on how to cook with it.  It’s a really nice, sweet, and creamy squash so it does well in dessert and sweet type recipes.  It’s similar to a butternut squash, but I’m more partial to the kabocha squash because of its creaminess, which makes it feel indulgent.  You’d have to really cook down and roast a butternut squash to get a similar mouth feel to the kabocha squash.


Poblano Peppers

poblano pepper recipes
Here are 15 Recipes with Poblano Peppers by Mely Martinez

Poblano peppers are relatively mild, but sure it could be possible to receive a somewhat spicy one in a batch.  On the spicy Scoville scale, it is listed as less spicy than the jalapeño.  So cooking with one pepper, may not leave you feeling anything, but cook with a few and you could get a slight kick, but without the sweat.  Above are a list of recipes to cook with the poblano.  The ones that stand out for me are the Picadillo (meat mix) stuffed poblanos, the green mole, and the pasta with creamy poblano sauce.  Yum…  Also, if you can’t get to it now, these peppers (and many chili peppers) typically can hold up well for freezing and cooking with later.

Friendly tip and warning, when cutting, peeling, or de-veining chili peppers (which is what helps to tame the heat level), try using gloves if you touch or rub your eyes or your children’s eyes.  The oils from handling chili peppers may stay on your fingers even after washing.  Kohei and I have our stories of learning the hard way, and we’ve gotten a good stinging sensation from it.  Fun fact, what causes the spiciness (capsaicin) in chili peppers is an ingredient in pepper spray.


Shishito Peppers

shishito pepper
The Shishito Pepper

Shishito peppers are listed as less spicy than poblano peppers on the spicy Scoville scale! There are mild ones and then there are the ones in the batch that are spicy.  It is said about 1 out of 10 are spicy.  I’ve had both mild and pretty spicy ones that have come from Movement Ground Farm before.  So test it out, and you may be surprised :)!

If you’re not at all a fan of any heat level, even in a mild form, please gift it to others!  If it’ll be some time before you can find a friend to gift it to, freeze first.

And now, here are a couple recipes to test out with your very mild or slightly spicy shishito peppers.  Try a Honey Soy Shishito Peppers (I recently had blistered shishito peppers in a light soy dressing and it was addicting).  Plus, it’s such an easy, quick recipe.

Here’s a Cream Cheese Stuffed Shishito Peppers.



CSA Customer Creations

MGF at Westport Farmer's Market 8.2019
Westport Farmer’s Market is a fan of our goods!

Our irregular tomatoes have been showing up in some fun shapes!
Left:  a tomato alphabet S
Right:  more tomato hearts

Left:  Farmer Kohei’s baba ganoush plate
Right:  Farmer Kohei’s shiso stuffed and grilled fish

Chu MGF kabob
Chu’s MGF kebobs

Left:  Judy’s lemongrass simple syrup
Right:  Judy’s tomato croissant sandwich

Judy tomato sausage sauce
Judy’s Asian-style tomato sauce with ground sausage (with MGF tomatoes).
I just roughly chop tomatoes, simmer until it breaks down, and flavor it with fish sauce and a little sugar.


MGF sunflowers back
Some of the sunflowers are reappearing again at MGF after pruning!

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