Smell the Lemongrass & Week 9

Week 9

August 27, 2019

*depending on drop-off site


Bundle of Carrots


Red Basil (aka “Thai” basil)

(*Brandywine variety for PVD;
Purple Cherokee variety for Dorchester;
Green Zebra variety for Tiverton & JP)


*Yard Long beans for Tiverton & JP

*Ancho Poblano peppers for PVD

*Sweet Lunchbox peppers for Dorchester

Optional freebie:  Kabocha squash seconds!



Andrea Nguyen lemongrass pork
Try out lemongrass in this marinade for Vietnamese Grilled
Lemongrass Pork by Andrea Nguyen.

Typically, the really “grassy” part of lemongrass is not used, though it’s still very fragrant and can be kept just to scent your house or stuck in a jar with sugar to let it permeate.  Save the grassy part for recipes like simple syrups or simply to toss in to flavor soups & stews.  The main part of the lemongrass stalk, which is sometimes described as the more “woody” stem, can be chopped and minced finely to make edible in herb pastes or marinades (as in the above recipe).  This same recipe can be used to marinate vegetables or tofu, and even used to flavor stir fries (the fish sauce required in recipe can be substituted with vegetarian fish sauce; look for in large Asian grocery markets).

And here’s a recipe for infused Lemongrass Simple Syrup by Analida’s Ethnic Spoon, which also includes how to use it in a cocktail recipe–how convenient!  Lemongrass simple syrup also could be used to sweeten tea for a nice little flavor infusion.  After the lemongrass stalks are done infusing the syrup, there still may be flavor in it.  Try rinsing off the sugar and taking one piece to flavor a tomato soup or to flavor a marinade (but refrain from adding much sugar, and taste first, since it probably retained sugar from the syrup).

Yard Long Beans

garlic yardlong beans stir fry
Photo of Stir Fried Long Beans with Garlic by Tiny Urban Kitchen

Yard Long beans are like their name suggests, a really long, green bean looking vegetable.  It is found often in various Asian cuisines, and is sturdier than the western green bean, as it can still hold together in a soup.  It is great thrown in soups like curries (or as a replacement for green beans).  In this recipe above, it is cooked Chinese-style in a stir fry, simply with garlic.  For a couple more recipes for the yard long bean, check out one of our previous blog posts from August 2016.

Kabocha Squash

NomNomPaleo rst kabocha
Photo of Roasted Kabocha Squash by Nom Nom Paleo

curried kabocha soup
Photo of Curried Kabocha Squash Soup from Food and Wine

For more recipe ideas check out these “9 Extremely Delicious Things to Make with Kabocha Squash” from Food and Wine, that include curried kabocha squash dip and kabocha in rice porridge (aka congee, aka buh baw).  Yum.

kabocha sweet coconut milk dessert
Photo of Kabocha Squash in Sweet Coconut Milk Cream
by Leela Punyaratabandhu at Serious Eats



If you’ve got cantaloupe melons that still need to be used, here’s a great recipe for Cantaloupe Creamsicle Pops by Lauren K Stein.  Enjoy some as a smoothie first, then freeze the rest to enjoy later as popsicles!


tomato pimento chz sandwich
Photo from Soul Food Scholar on Instagram via Southern Soul BBQ

It just looked really tasty, and sometimes we forget that the fruits of the earth can be enjoyed simply… like sliced up and placed into a mile-high sandwich with cheese, mayo, and lettuce.  Yum.

CSA Customer Creations

Michio testing out new mini tractorPhoto of Farmer Kohei’s father, Michio, testing out the
newly acquired, mini tractor to tackle the back-breaking job of weeding!

Photo around the farm

Farmer Kohei’s meal of pan fried ground turkey with farm cherry tomatoes & husk cherries, stuffed into green bell peppers (optional: to be topped with cheese).

Jo's turkey tomato sauce
Jo’s homemade ground turkey & tomato sauce (with MGF tomatoes)

Martha processing tomatoes for sauce
Martha processing our heirloom tomatoes for sauce and canning

Shirley parboiled sesame bittermelon
Shirley’s par-boiled MGF bittermelon dressed with sesame oil

Casey Cutting SE Asian curry
Casey’s Southeast Asian curry with MGF’s aromatics and veggies

Sam CSA box (pvd)
Sam’s appreciation of our CSA box!


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