When Life Gives You Melons… Week 8

Week 8

August 20, 2019

*depending on drop-off site

Red onions, bunched

Heirloom tomatoes

Husk cherries (aka ground cherries)

Melons (Athena melon OR mini watermelon)



*Lunchbox peppers & Yard long beans for PVD

*Eggplants for Dorchester

*Both melons for JP

*String beans for Tiverton

Optional freebies:  Bittermelon or Habanero peppers



Joke:  When life gives you melons… you may be dyslexic.
(Melons ≠ lemons… get it?? 😁😅)




Husk Cherries (aka ground cherries)

Husk cherries photo courtesy of Farmer Kohei and MGF’s
own husk cherries.
Top Left:  is the fruit with it’s papery husk (much
like a tomatillo’s) still on.
Top Right:  a huge basket of it all shelled!
Bottom:  Kohei’s husk cherry jam all jarred up and ready to be sealed in a steam bath.

For some recipe ideas for this fruit, check out the Kitchn’s “5 Reasons You’ll Want to Buy Husk Cherries at the Farmer’s Market”.  Suggestions come with links for baking with it, making jam, salad, or salsa, etc.  Of course, you can always just eat it raw out of its husk, it’s a nice treat as is (but a bit of a pain to harvest, so please cherish it or share it if it’s not your taste)!



burmese-salad-tomato-tallBurmese Green Tomato Salad by Andrea Nguyen of VietWorldKitchen.com.
Though this recipe calls for firm, under ripe tomatoes, you can use your MGF, likely ripe, heirloom tomatoes, and maybe try your melon and red onions as substitutions for the under ripe green tomatoes and shallots in this recipe.  It sounds refreshing and light, which is perfect for a no-cook side during some of these hot days of summer.


tomato-kachumberHere’s another easy, no-cook recipe, Indian-inspired Tomato Kachumber by Barney Desmazery.  It’s a spiced chopped tomato salad; throw in some hot chili pepper if you like some heat.  This recipe also calls for red onion (which are in your boxes!).

Or make tomato sauce, a salsa, or roasted tomato garlic preserves (that recipe is in Week 6’s post).  Those are always options for all the peak tomato goodness that is growing.  You could also search this list for more tomato recipes via BBC Good Food.


For those receiving eggplant, try out this miso-glazed eggplant recipe we posted two years ago, by Busy in Brooklyn blog.  It’s very tasty!  A similar recipe gave Farmer Kohei a win at a Grill-Off competition organized by one of our friendly organizations, Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW).  20170722_164706_20170723003724795_20170723010931981If you still have some of last week’s Nabechan scallions, cut it up in one to two-inch chunks and grill it along with the miso-glazed eggplant and its glaze (much like in the photo above; it’s even paired with MGF’s red shiso).  Yum!



CSA Customer Creations

MGF’s veggie oddities 😅.
Top Left:  a Green Zebra tomato; Bottom Left:  a Purple Cherokee tomato
Right:  a confident and gnarly carrot! 😆


Tamiko shiso onigiriTamiko’s ume & shiso onigiri (or rice ball snack).
And check out Tamiko’s personal newsletter with a recipe for
Tomato & Husk Cherry Salsa.

Martha shakshuka baked egg in tomato, onion, purslane
Martha’s tasty use of our tomatoes, onions, and wild purslane in a Palestinian-inspired stewed tomatoes with eggs.

Jenn tom, bell pepper, carrot, beet
Jenn’s meal using our green zebra tomatoes, bell peppers, beets, and carrots.

Left:  Kevin’s homemade pizza with our tomatoes, basil, shiso, and shallots;
Right:  Kevin’s stuffed bittermelon soup!  Yum.

Left:  Susana’s lasagna with our Japanese eggplant in the layers;
Right:  Susana’s tomato tart with our cherry tomatoes & shallots.
Another tasty way to eat up the tomatoes.

Left:  Judy’s greens stir fry with our bok choy (still tasty even with those
pesky flea bugs biting through it), green bell pepper, and Nabechan scallions.
Right:  Judy’s tomato stir fry using our heirloom Celebrity tomatoes
and cherry toms with red shiso (and store bought cilantro; stir fry is cooked down
with a couple splashes of fish sauce, dark mushroom soy, and dash of sugar).

Left:  Judy’s MGF garlic noodles (bittermelon is thinly sliced and browned 
with our rainbow chard stems, scallions, opal basil, and shiso).  Here’s a
similar version of garlicky noodles, by Seonkyoung, if you’d like to give it a taste (it’s yummy, but I typically add some veggies to it to feel like I’m getting a dose of greens).
To make the recipe vegetarian, try substituting with hoisin sauce and a couple small dashes of soy sauce.

Right:  Raw bittermelon added to Judy’s power smoothie!!  Combined with fruit,
it’s actually not overpowering and quite tasty (very slight bitter aftertaste,
but minimal).  The liquid base is mostly water with lemonade.  I added
frozen banana, frozen blueberries, pear, MGF rainbow chard & sprig of cilantro,
celery, third of a lime, and half a MGF seeded bittermelon (just use a spoon
to scoop out the insides).


Keith’s melon farm-to-glass cocktails!
Left:  MGF watermelon & shiso with gin
Right:  MGF cantaloupe (and mint) margarita


Keep them coming.  We’re loving the ideas and wouldn’t mind an invitation to try some of your finished products from all your CSA boxes! 🙂 Haha.

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