Tomato, Tamahto, Shiso! Week 7

Week 7

August 13, 2019

*depending on drop-off site


Nabechan scallions

Green bell peppers

Red & green shiso

*Eggplant OR Yard long beans

*Red Celebrity tomatoes OR Kakao tomatoes OR Green Zebra tomatoes

*Watermelon OR Melon

Optional freebies: imperfect bok choy & bittermelon




peach tomato saladThis peach & tomato salad looks gorgeous!  Adding summer fruit alongside tomatoes is tasty.  Try it with melon, too, and add some chopped herbs for a nice touch of earthiness and brightness.  Use your favorite vinaigrette.  This could be great if you still have cherry tomatoes from last week and are looking for more ideas for how to use it.


Health-benefits-of-bitter-melon-Organic-Gurlz-Gardens-of-Fort-Wayne-IndianaVisit some of our past blog posts, like one from August 2017,
for more recipe ideas for bitter melon!  Below I’m copying what I (Judy)
wrote two years ago about this nutritious gourd.

” Don’t be discouraged or scared off by this green, bumpy gourd.  It is also called bitter melon, bitter gourd, bitter squash, karela, or balsam pear.  As its name claims, it is, indeed, bitter.  But the bitter taste, according to many cultures, holds quite a few medicinal and nutritional properties (i.e. being good for blood circulation and lowering blood pressure–but consult with a doctor if trying to treat these issues); according to some (and, “it is rich in iron, contains twice the beta-carotene of broccoli, twice the calcium of spinach, and twice the potassium of banana.”  Try it raw in juice form (a customer at the Newton Farmer’s Market claimed that’s the only way she’s consumed it!), or cook it in soups, stir-frys, or pickle it.


Vietnamese-style Sautéed Bitter Melon with Pork Belly & Egg
img_4914(courtesy of Tasty Desu’s Blog)
I’d recommend adding a little seasoning to this dish to add some
oomph–i.e. a teaspoon or so of fish sauce and [dash of] sugar.  “

Southeast Asian-style Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup
1-bitter-melon-soup-canh-kho-qua(courtesy of
” This recipe from leans towards Vietnamese cuisine, but is very similar to one my Cambodian Chinese mom makes.  You could probably find similar pork-stuffed bitter melon soup recipes across some Southeast Asian cuisines.  In these soups, it certainly tastes better the next day (some of the bitterness calms down and flavors are enhanced)!  Do some tasty experimenting, and see which soup recipes you like best!  “


shiso cuke picklesPickle your summer flavors with Quick Cucumber & Shiso Pickles!
This one by Teri on
Try experimenting with different types of vinegars to slightly change up the flavor.


Shiso-Garlic-Soy-SauceFlavor your condiments with this Shiso Garlic Soy Sauce by Just One Cookbook.
Mmm…brighten up your dish with a little *oomph* to your soy sauce!  Even something as simple as an easy meal of rice, soft or hard boiled egg, sausage, and grilled veggies.  Then use this flavored soy sauce to dress everything.


watermelon-shiso-salad-200-3Watermelon Salad with cucumbers, shiso, and scallions by Feasting at Home.  It sounds light, refreshing, and hydrating–great for summer.



Here’s a twist on pesto with Shiso Pesto by Summer Tomato.
Try substituting with a tablespoon of sesame oil (a little goes a long way; use this instead of a harder to find rice bran oil) and the rest with whatever neutral oil you have on hand; it’ll add that special sesame, nuttiness.  Try adding a dash of rice wine vinegar, or mirin.  I’ll definitely be trying out this recipe!


Impromptu potato salad 2Try this Impromptu Potato Salad recipe by Viet World Kitchen’s Andrea Nguyen.  It is her whatever-you-have-on-hand twist to her own recipe for a Vietnamese-ish salade Russe, or Russian-French potato salad (ah, colonialism), which originally called for beets along with potatoes.  She had made this recipe before using shiso as one of the herbs (do you spot it in the top left corner?), and a dash of fish sauce salt (try using a dash of fish sauce) for more umami.


bacon shiso fried riceBacon & Shiso Fried Rice by Humble Bean at
Throw in more shiso, as you like, to add an herby goodness to the fried rice.  Omit bacon if you don’t prefer it, but increase the amount of oil.



CSA Customer Creations

IMG_20190810_150113_302Our imperfectly shaped produce: a heart-shaped tomato on display.  You normally won’t find these irregular shapes in grocery markets because distributors don’t buy them.  They are deemed “imperfect” or “ugly” since consumers likely don’t purchase them when stocked next to more traditionally shaped ones.  That’s why CSA shares, roadside stands, or farmer’s markets are good for these perfectly imperfect, and tasty produce.


Left: a photo from a customer of our roadside stand last week
Right: one of our flower bouquets beautifully displayed at the Westport, MA
Farmer’s Market last weekend.


PrYSM csa boxThis is a screenshot of Providence Youth Student Movement’s, or PrYSM’s, CSA share box (they are our Providence, RI drop-off site host!).  I recommend following them on Instagram if you’d like to see their weekly CSA box unveiling video, posted on their stories.  It’s a fun walk through of their produce (*though CSA produce can vary depending on drop-off sites, so your produce box may be slightly differently.)


Evy jalapenosHere’s a photo of Evy enjoying last week’s jalapeños raw and dipped in soybean paste!


Jen Steinfield cherry tomsJenn’s appreciation of our compostable bag of ombre cherry tomatoes!


bittermelon omeletteJudy’s MGF bittermelon scallion omelette (I sauté bittermelon first).
Note:  If sautéing, I salt the bittermelon slices in advance and drain off some of the
bitter liquid.  To do that, very lightly sprinkle some salt to cover your sliced/diced bittermelon, let sit for 5-10 minutes.  Rinse off in water and squeeze off excess.
Repeat.  Now ready to cook.


Susana tomato tartSusana’s tomato tart with our cherry tomatoes.  Yum!


Keep posting and sharing with us your creations and ways of eating with our bounty!  Keep enjoying and tasting summer in every bite.

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