Carrots, Shallots, Husk Cherries – Week 6

Week 6

August 6, 2019


A heavy bag of cherry toms

A bunch of carrots

Shallots bunched fresh with green tops

Husk Cherries

Genovese/ Opal basil mix

Melons or green beans or MGF Salad mix with wild purslane

(free item – jalapenos)




Garlic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes from The Comfort of Cooking

I, Kohei, have made this several years back – and it was awesome.    Follow this recipe for the perfect topping on fresh pasta, or cook it down even more for a bruschetta or pizza topping.   Also, I suggest using WHOLE garlic cloves.  


20190805_203315Judy’s Tomato Salad with all MGF: colorful cherry & grape tomato mix, shiso leaf, opal & genovese basil.

Throw in some cheese like fresh mozzarella or paneer, and flavor with your favorite dressing (or the traditional extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt).  Add some crunch by using nuts or seeds.  Make it more substantial by adding protein like fish, chicken, egg, or tofu, OR turn it into a pasta salad by adding bow tie pasta.


20190731_032859The Best Way to Store Fresh Herbs from Serious Eats
(photo by Providence Youth Student Movement, aka PrYSM,
staff of opal basil in their CSA boxes)

Figured it is always good to put something up about how to store and keep your herbs fresh, serving as a reminder (though, the link refers to store bought herbs so the idea that it has been sitting on a shelf for a while doesn’t apply to any of our MGF grown, farm fresh goods. Farmer Kohei harvests the day before you pick up your CSA boxes.).  I (Judy) use a few different methods for storing when I get my produce, depending on how much time and effort I have and how lazy I may be at the moment.  I usually take everything out of the CSA box and bag everything in my saved, plastic shopping/produce bags and, sometimes but rarely, in a paper bag.  Then everything goes into the fridge as is, usually in the crisper drawers, and wherever there is space.  Days later, I sometimes go back and wrap some items like lettuce or hardy herbs with a barely moist paper towel.  Sometimes, I’ll throw in a dry paper towel in with salad mix.

When I want to prep some of the items to make it easy for using and cooking later, I will take some of an item like lettuce, peel a handful of leaves off, wash it, dry it, and wrap it separately or throw into a zip top bag with a paper towel for use in salad, sandwiches, wraps, etc.  Always a good idea to check on your produce every once in a while if you haven’t used it yet, to air it out or change out the paper towel, if need be.

If needing to make something last because you haven’t gotten to it, it’s good to trim slimy or wilted pieces so it doesn’t make the rest of the bunch spoil as quickly.  But wilted, yellowed, or bruised parts of your veggies are STILL good to use (so long as it isn’t slimy or molded).  It may not be very pretty as it once was, but it still can manage to be tasty cooked into your foods (like soups, stir frys, sauces, flavored butter, infused oils, or blended into power smoothies…).  I like saving the peels of some of my MGF goods, like the cucumber from a couple weeks ago, and throwing it into the freezer to add later into my power smoothies filled with veggies & fruit.  And adding a few leaves of herbs like cilantro add a earthy but balanced brightness to smoothies.  I’ve gotten some inspiration from The Blender Girl for making my own versions.  Get some ideas and create some for yourself!

Remember, using your produce as much as you can is the best possible use of the gorgeous produce Farmer Kohei grows, and the time he and mother Earth contribute to it.  Share with us, your creations and creative uses of your CSA!

CSA Customer Creations

Two of our customers made yummy opal basil pesto!
(photos and food by Susana and Evy, respectively)


Left: Nam Prik Ong (Lao Spicy Ground Pork) using MGF tomatoes, cilantro, scallion (and you can use this week’s fresh shallots along with its green tops in this, too).
Right: Chicken Laab/Larb, Ground Chicken Salad, using MGF cilantro, red basil (aka “Thai basil”), lettuce, and use our bird’s eye chili for a spicy kick!
(photo and food by Kevin)


IMG_9293Kohlrabi “Papaya” Salad with MGF kohlrabi
(photo and food by Kevin)


The Flower Share Has Begun!

20190731_033616Flowers for Justice share appreciation! Thanks to Susana for sharing
the photo.


Puma did NOT want to help advertise our flowers!


Special Thanks to our work-sharer Kata,
who has an uncanny knack for floral arrangement!

Our Farm Stand

20190727_152707.jpgFirst time setting up a roadside farm stand, right in front of the farm!


IMG-20190727-WA0018We are generating between $40 – 130 a day, at least twice a week. Yay!


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