Papers Signed, the Farm is OURS!!

After three years of searching, and after 6 months of waiting in suspense after signing a Purchase & Sales agreement, we finally closed on the property right on the Spring Equinox!  I never knew how unnerving the suspense would be, my life and vision put on a long un-ending pause.   I am so relieved!   All of this is made possible by the friends, CSA members, and family who formed the Puncatest Land Heights Collaborative LLC, our experiment in community and family supported land ownership!  And special thanks to our realtor, Brian Janes of William Raveis Real Estate.

We are nestled in a far coastal town, disconnected from the rest of the State of Rhode Island, and perhaps the best kept secret of New England.   All the beauty of the Cape without the traffic and fanfare.   Our farm is located high on top of a peninsula, sandwiched between the Nonquit Pond and the Sakonnet river.  You do not have to look into historic documents to know and feel that the locals considered this land and it’s beauty as sacred. It served as a vital source of shellfish and fertile cropland by the indigenous before settlers and capitalists privatized the land and sub-sectioned it off to graze cattle and other livestock.

Our new address is 592 Puncatest Neck Road, Tiverton RI 02878.   We are inspired by its landscape and beauty every single day.

We are looking forward to building with residents and neighbors in Tiverton, local farmers and food producers, the Pocasett Wampanoag Tribe of the Pokanoket Nation, and anyone else who believes that we need to heal the land, heal the people, and position our lives in the fight for social, economic, racial, gender, and ecological justice!

Special thanks to everyone who advised, volunteered, coached, and supported our transition process, from legal counsel to packing up boxes.  Especially…

Marie Kazuinas, Chuck Currie,  Noah Schuettge, Patch Putterman, Sara Mersha, Glynn Lloyd, Jenn Medeiros, Mateal Lovass Ishihara, Emiko Ishihara, Rumi Lovass Ishihara, Michio Ishihara, Melody Ishihara, Brian Janes, Adeola Oredola, DJ Horton, Martha Yager, Kathy Lessuck, Shirley Mark, Dulari Talhbidar, Mimi Budnick, Elena Shih, Sarath Suong, Dimple Rana, Shannah Kurland, Dante Luna, Omar Luna, Gladys Gould, Judy Khy, Stanley Mui, Caleb Khy, Tyler Rollock, Sophia Wright, Suzanne Pan, Mina Remy, Katie Yi Li, Go Sasaki, Jenn Steinfeld, Jennifer Rowe, Yoko Fujiwara, Junco Sugiyama, Yuji Kira, Veasna San, Rachel Miller, Anim Yeboah, William McCaffrey, Bill McCaffrey, Laney Sproat Pitt, Tess Brown Lavoie, Sarah Turkus, Carolyn Chou, Dave Jenkins, Aaron Tanaka, Leah Peniman, Cata Lorenzo Antonio and Josh, Jennifer Shultz, Patricia London, Anthony Lopes, Barry Gross, Kalliane Dewi, and Chelsea De Santis.

And these fabulous organizations:

Conservation Law Foundation, Goodwin Associates, Land For Good




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