Week 3, Summer 2017



Garlic scapes

Shiitake mushrooms

Baby lettuce & mizuna


Komatsuna greens

(extra Komatsuna greens instead of Shiitake for JP, FANG, and Cambridge)


Recipe Ideas


Garlic scape pesto by the Prairie homestead


Brine pickled (lacto fermented) garlic scapes by Nourished Kitchen


Stir fried garlic scapes by Maangchi


Orzo with garlic scapes and shiitake by Seasons and Suppers


Garlic Scapes with Shitake and Pancetta by Rufus Guide



Spinach, shiitake, and strawberry omelet by Spark Recipes


Shout out to some famous CSA members!

Vanessa Flores-Maldonado was recognized by USA Today as one of the many faces of PRIDE across the country!


Excerpt from The Faces of Pride, USA Today:

Vanessa Flores-Maldonado is a queer Guatemalan-American woman fighting for resources for queer and transgender people of color.  She’s a minority within a minority, trying to give a voice to others like her.   “It’s not enough to say Black Lives Matter,” Flores-Maldonado said. “How are you actively working to protecting trans lives (of color) and make sure they don’t just become another hashtag?”  One topic she’s passionate about is police accountability. As part of the Providence Youth Student Movement, she has protested police presence at the area’s annual pride celebration.  She says she’s trying to make safe spaces for black, brown, queer, trans, youth and women. “It’s hard as a queer Latina to feel comfortable,” she said. 

dave.jpgShout out to Dave Jenkins for founding and organizing the Maine Lobster Feed, now in it’s fourth year!    Why not get connected and support the movement in Boston, while being forced to eat some fresh lobsters trucked in from Maine?   Proceeds go to the Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW) – our Dorchester CSA drop off organization – as well as the Student Immigrant Movement (SIM), Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE), Black and Pink, Haymarket Peoples’ Fund, and Resist, inc.     The event is this Saturday, June 24, 2017, and will feature our cucumbers if our cucumbers are ready by then!   When you buy your tickets, choose between the 1:30, 3:00, 5:00 or 6:30 seatings.    I’ll be there at 1:30!   Tickets sold here on Eventbrite   


Martha Yager likes to keep a low profile, which is why when she reads this and is reminded of how she was the recipient of PrYSM’s Love award this past November and how she was honored at this past week’s American Friends Service Committee’s celebration of 15 years of organizing, she might be further irritated to learn that she is now the recipient of Movement Ground Farm’s MGV (Most Grounded Volunteer)award!  Rain or extreme 100-degree sunshine, Martha is here every single Monday.  Martha has been a FORCE creating greater police accountability in Providence, advocating for Palestinian human rights, forcing Textron to stop producing cluster bombs, not to mention upholding most of the program work for the American Friends Service Committee.  Accomplishments aside, thank you Martha for being a wonderful human being!



Help us fight the weeds!

They’re not winning yet, but if we don’t get some serious support in the next few weeks, we will be drowning in them in about a month!  Best days to come are Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays when it’s not raining.   Text me at 707-972-3180 to schedule your volunteer day!


Pig Shares!

Have a bit of room in your freezer?   Then you should take advantage of splitting or hogging a quarter, half, or whole pig share from Spring Rain Farm.   I’m actually look for three other people to split a whole pig with me!   Or think about other friends and neighbors who might be interested in sharing.   Each pig is raised in the meadows and forests overlooking cranberry bogs, free to romp and root under a canopy of wildflowers, pine and oak.  Their rich, earthy, sweet and succulent taste also comes from the tons of cranberries they are fed in the fall.   Pick ups occur from mid-October through December.   Contact me if you’d like to share a pig with me, and contact Will, the farmer, if you’d like to buy direct!   774-218-6416 or springrainfamilyfarm@gmail.com





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