Summer 2017: Week 2

Summer 2017: Week 2

Before I begin this week’s blog, I’d like to acknowledge a significant community victory!   A shining example of people power! 

Congratulations PrYSM  (our CSA drop off organization in Providence) on your seven year struggle to pass the Community Safety Act, a municipal racial profiling law that ensures community oversight over police misconduct, abuse, and profiling. On Thursday, June 1st, the Providence City Council voted 13 to 1 in favor of passing the ordinance!   National right-wing police associations and police departments across the East Coast took notice, the local FOP repeatedly turned out 60+ off-duty officers as well as on-duty officers to raise opposition at each ordinance hearing, and a prison transport van was parked visibly right outside the building.    PrYSM’s office was vandalized and a noose was left strung from the ceiling – perpetrators were never caught.   These tactics of intimidation did not work in suppressing progress.  PrYSM was instrumental in building a broad-based multi-racial coalition of African Americans, Southeast Asians, Latinos, immigrants and refugees, white allies, youth, as well as the LGBTQ community.   Every ordinance meeting, they turned out their supporters [in the hundreds], swelling the board rooms and hallways of Providence City Hall.  In an era of fear and repression, the most comprehensive racial profiling law in the nation was past here in Rhode Island.   See to learn more!


Onto this week’s Menu

0605171245agreen garlic (use the entire plant)



spinach and tangy Asian green salad mix


red giant mustard for stews, soups, stir-frys, and sautees0605171539

red or green curly kale


and when life gives you strawberries…

1487249900329and duck eggs!


Recipe Ideas


Seared porkchop with mustard green chimichurri from the Joy of Cooking


Balsalmic glazed chickpeas and mustard greens from the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen


Mustard green soup with roasted meat from Angkorian Cooking


Green garlic pesto Green garlic pesto from the Spruce


Roasted green garlic from the Spruce


Cream of green garlic and potato soup by All Recipes





Farm Update


Quails have moved out from the brooder and onto pasture, in these DIY quail tractors.  It’s called a “tractor” because we move it every other day so that they have fresh pasture  (grass, worms, bugs) to rummage as well as for cleanliness, while also fertilizing the soil.   So far, so good.  We are able to move them without any escaping.  They are definitely prolific soil amenders!



Actually, we also moved the Cornish Game Hens out to pasture.   They’re not fond of the cold weather.   But at least its a great excuse to cuddle!

While our tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash have just been sitting in the fields with little growth, the spinach and shiitake mushrooms have been thriving in this cold and wet Spring.


When you’re tied to the land and can’t take vacations, its nice when paradise comes to you!

Alright, praying for some sunshine!   Have a great week!

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