Welcome to the 2017 Season!

May 25, 2017

Dear 2017 CSA Members:

Well, the shock of Trump is somewhat over.  Or are we adamantly remaining in a state of shock and unacceptance?   Now that the dust has settled, despite the everyday onslaught of more political explosions, we know that Trump is merely an inflated puppet controlled by petroleum, the wealthy 1%, the Zionists, the military and prison industrial complexes, the right-wing conservatives, and CEOs and oligarchs across the globe.  One day, Trump’s balloon will tear and it may whizz around in a crazy whirlwind creating a spectacular display before it settles on the ground, or it may deflate slowly over time, or it may just burst and end in seconds.   When that happens, our systems will be reconfigured by the powers that be – petroleum, the wealthy 1%, the Zionists, the military and prison industrial complexes, the right-wing conservatives, and CEOs and oligarchs across the globe.  Or, will grassroots people power, movements for social change, and advocates for the environment be ready and organized to take the lead?   Organizers organize to be ready for these moments.   

While Trump is shocking and baffling and “good for ratings”, the real worry is the seismic shift to the right at a time when the world is teetering upon so many inter-related, unsustainable and unstable conflicting systems.   That this ahistorical, uncooperative and self-aggrandizing form of old school white supremacist patriarchal capitalism is resurging at a time when insurmountable global challenges demand that we must unify, coalesce, coalition build and compromise.   Unfortunately, racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and homophobia continue to be both profitable enterprise-ideologies, tactics for dividing and conquering, and often the best tools for the Capitalist 1% to amass power.     

There is much work to be done!   And while some have pulled back and given up, others have ramped up the pressure.   Our community – one of organizers, activists, youth leaders, and social workers – have always been on-the-ground, have always remained steadfast; and just as they have been doing for the past 10, 20, 30 years, continue to bring compassion and struggle to those who are the most in need.  

That is why we at Movement Ground Farm have aligned ourselves with partners who are on the frontline of movements for social change in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.   And we want to thank them for not only the work that they do but also for hosting as CSA drop off sites!   We hope you take the time to check them out online, attend their events and actions, donate, and meet everyone in-person during volunteer work days, workshops, or our harvest festival. 

·         PrYSM (Providence Youth Student Movement) – our CSA drop off host off of Elmwood Avenue in Providence – has been part of two campaigns that are reaching headway this year: one of which may pass the most comprehensive racial profiling bill in the nation, the other of which may see an incredible international victory for immigrant and refugee rights!   

·         Grassroots International works to connect folks in the U.S. with global peasant and small farmer led movements which address the root causes of poverty and climate change while fighting against the corporate take-over of people’s rights to grow their own food. 

·         The FANG Collective – based in Pawtucket, RI seeks to escalate resistance to the fracked gas industry while supporting other movements for justice.

·         AARW (Asian American Resource Workshop) based in Dorchester, MA – is a member-based organization that uses arts, education, and activism to build the skills and political analysis of Asian Pacific American communities in Massachusetts. 

·         The Olio Culinary Collective is a worker-owned business dedicated to sustainable sourcing, workplace fairness, and brings organizers, activists, and food enthusiasts together, often while donating profit to support key organizations. 

The vision of Movement Ground Farm is to empower and connect people, families, organizations and movements to their food, land, and to a deeper sense of community!   Food brings people together!    Places to convene in the open air are scarce!    Often times, we come together using food that is grown thousands of miles away, and through its processes, pollute our earth and exploit the workers and farmers.    What would it be like if we brought people together using fresh-off-the-vine foods, grown right here, using sustainable earth-friendly methods, and that everyone had some hand in growing that food?   What if refugee elders could connect to their children and grandchildren by sharing their wisdom and secrets of plant cultivation?   What if whole families and communities became less reliant and spent less money on corporate foods, and edged slightly towards a level of food sovereignty and autonomy?  What if the vegetables we grow can be transformed into jams, pickles, and hot sauces, and our organizations and families can generate an alternative stream of income?  

Our vision is to work towards these ideas, build a hub for local food distribution, and offer our land as a space for transformative gatherings and retreats!

Thank you for becoming a 2017 CSA member!    You have invested in not only quality, fresh food, but you have also invested in our vision!   

Stay tuned for an email in the next few days about our first CSA delivery – this Tuesday, May 30th!



Farmer Kohei Ishihara

Movement Ground Farm



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