It’s Spring! (Yesterday)+CSA 2017

It’s about time for a farm update. Yesterday marked the first official day of spring, but we’ve been getting underway with spring tasks for the past month–our onions, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and herbs are seeded, the property is getting cleaned up and organized, the tractors have been tuned up, and we’re all feeling grateful to be back outside again. Since we haven’t updated since the last week of last year’s CSA, there’s a lot to talk about…starting with this year’s CSA!

We now have 90 open slots for our summer CSA.  If you wanted to know what farmers do all winter, the answer is “plan out what it will take to be able to grow enough food for even more people.” So if you missed out last season, now is a great time to sign up. As usual, all our vegetables are organically grown, non-GMO, and free of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Here is where you can sign up and read all the details about what we do and what we offer.

Meet the new meat menu! We’re now offering two Cornish game hens and a Pekin duck (aka “Peking”) as part of the summer share, to go along with all your organically grown vegetables. Our fall share will include a turkey, processed right before Thanksgiving so it’s as fresh as possible. All poultry is pasture raised on our property and fed organic grain, our own vegetables, and whatever they can forage in the fields!  The birds help us out by fertilizing our fields and eating insect pests, so buying a share is a great way to support symbiotic farm practices.

Vegan? Vegetarian? Don’t worry— if you don’t eat meat or eggs, you can opt out.

Don’t know how to cook this stuff? We’ll be doing some free cooking workshops, too…just in case you want to learn how to cook a duck, or how to use that bittermelon you got in your CSA box.

We have 2 new CSA drop-off locations in Pawtucket (at the FANG Collective office) and Cambridge. We’re excited to see how these new relationships progress over the season, particularly as we grow as a farm and advance our own land and community-based social justice mission. Our other drop off locations are below–the same as last season.

Ready to sign up? Click here. If you want to see a breakdown of prices by week plus a list of our drop-off locations, see charts below. (Note: we can offer reduced-cost CSAs to low income families, and we have a payment plan. Click the signup link for more info)


Ok, enough talking shop. Here are some spring sights from the farm…a reminder that it’s (maybe) getting warmer, finally?