Last Week of Fall! 12.13.2016

 Last Week of Fall!   12.13.2016


As our partner organization, PrYSM, celebrated its 15th anniversary, it becomes the target of a vicious act of hate and intimidation. 

It was great to see so many CSA members supporting the Providence Youth Student Movement at their 15 year anniversary!   Unfortunately only a few days after, vandals broke into their office, reassembled furniture, and hung a noose from the ceiling.  Here is a short article.  In what could only be a hate crime and an act of intimidation, PrYSM has chosen not to respond by increasing their own surveillance (e.g. installing video cameras)  or by getting the police involved, but instead has chosen to reinvigorate it’s campaign (also called the CSA: Community Safety Act) to hold the Providence Police accountable for acts of misconduct and brutality, which, if passed, will make the whole city (as well as the PrYSM office) a safer place to be.   They need all the help they can get to ramp up the pressure to get this legislation passed before January 20th!

If you can support PrYSM during this time of need, consider making a donation HERE.  If you want to get more involved in the organization and help them pass what will be the strongest municipal legislation against police brutality perhaps in the nation, consider attending their upcoming meeting on Friday, January 6th, from 6 – 8PM at the PrYSM office at 669 Elmwood Avenue, Providence RI. 


Farm update

We are done for the year!    It is now time to get some more rest!   But not too much rest, as plans for next year’s season have to come into fruition within a few weeks.  Then, seeds need to be ordered.  And our first day of seeding – if you can believe it – already happens in February!   Also to be part of shaping next year’s plans, I would like to invite you to a farm-fresh brunch at the farm on Sunday, January 8th, 11am – 2pm.




Red & Green Leaf Lettuce

Nappa cabbage

Yellow onions

Roasting potatoes





Silky celeriac soup with smoked haddock

Silky celeriac soup with smoked haddock by BBC Good Food

Related image

Chowder of scallops, celeriac, potato, with carmelized pear on the food newtwork

Cauliflower & Celeriac chowder by Confessions of a Foodie

Mashed Potatoes and Celery Root

Mashed potatoes & Celery Root by Williams-Sonoma

Celeriac coleslaw

Celeriac coleslaw by BBC Good Food

Leek, celeriac, and chicken soup by Sydney Markets

Apple & celeriac soup

Celeriac & Apple soup on

Whole roasted celeriac by Morsels and Sauces

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