Week 9: Nope, still no rain

Week 9: Nope, still no rain

August 16, 2016

This Week’s CSA Menu



Cherry Tomatoes

Asian eggplants

Japanese eggplants (Providence/ Quincy) and Chinese eggplants (Dorchester/JP/Farm)


Diplomat Green Cantelopes for Quincy and some in Providence (Dania, Steven, Candice, D’andre)

Honeyblonde melons for the rest of Providence

Savor cantelopes (JP)

Watermelons (Dorchester)

Okra/ Yard Long Beans

Okra for Dorchester

Yard long beans for everyone else

A Slicing Cucumber for everyone

Jalapenos for those who requested them


Farm Update

Better sign up soon for the Fall CSA because we may scale our numbers back and space will be limited!    Stay tuned in the next few days for the e-mail, which will first go out a day before to CSA members, and then to the general public.   First come, first serve.  This winter, we’re adding MEAT to the CSA!    I can’t wait!    In other news, I want to say THANK YOU to my co-worker Serena Putterman.  They have been putting in 100% –  often pulling 10 hour shifts.   After a three month initial period, Serena is now our Assistant Farm Manager.   Serena oversees seeding, transplanting, washing/packing, documentation, and the Providence farmer’s market!     Also, our farmhand Justin Lamouthe will be returning to teach in a week.   We are now in search for a new farmhand – 20 – 30 hours a week and pay $10 – 12/hour + unlimited access to farm produce.   Please help us forward our job description – coming soon.


Recipe Ideas



    These babies stir-fry particularly well, or they can be cut up and eaten raw.   They are a whole new bean, so don’t try to compare them to the standard green bean.   Here are a few recipe ideas.



Spicy Stir-Fried Chinese Long Beans with Peanuts / Romulo Yanes

Spicy stir-fried Chinese long beans with peanuts – Epicurious.com


Stir fried Chinese long beans with garlic – tiny urban kitchen


Yard Long Bean Salad with Tuna and Dijon Dressing

Yard long bean salad – by orgasmic chef



This crispy pan-fried okra is a popular Indian recipe also known as bhindi. It's a delicious way to eat okra! Recipe by Ashley of MyHeartBeets.com

Crispy Indian Okra (Bhindi) – by myheartbeets.com


Bhindi Masala Recipe. Indian Okra Curry. Lightly spiced Okra in onion tomato curry. Restaurant style Masala Bhindi. Vegan Gluten-free Soy-free Indian Recipe | VeganRicha.com

Bhindi Masala Recipe – by Vegan Richa


Roasted Okra – by All Recipes




miso caramelized eggplant recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

Oven Roasted Japanese Eggplant with Carmelized Miso – by I Am A Food Blog




Chinese Eggplant Stirfry with Spicy Garlic Sauce Recipe

Chinese eggplant with spicey garlic sauce – by steamy kitchen

Our Own CSA Member Creations!!!


Honey sriracha salmon with zucchini noodles by Andie Janota


“Movement Ground Breakfast”
– duck eggs, melon, and nappa kimchi by Chesapeake First

laurenceWhite wine vermicelli, roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, and honeyblonde cantelope by Laurence Louie.




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