Week 7: Eggplant Tuesday

Week 7: Eggplant Tuesday!

August 2, 2016

Italian eggplant


Fresh Red Onions

New Potatoes

Siberian Kale (for RI) // Laccinato Kale (for MA)

Green Tomatoes

Everything will be in your box, EXCEPT your ripe tomatoes which will be stocked in crates that you must pick through.  There will be instructions about how many tomatoes to take.  Please let us know if our system is working and that you are receiving your tomatoes.

Farm update

Things are going well… except that it hasn’t rained.   I mean it barely snowed this winter, and I’m learning that snow melt is a critical source of water for the Spring and early Summer.  Then, it didn’t really rain this Spring.  We’ve hardly had one good rain this summer.  And now my wells are dry.   I have no more water and the plants all show signs of stress.  I’m working on a solution, and hope to update you all next week.  But now as I look out my window, I see some rain.

Weeks are passing like days, and our volunteer coordinating committee is starting to plan our harvest potluck.  So please SAVE THE DATE for Saturday, October 8th — rain date will be October 9th… and yeah, this time I hope it rains! =)


No recipe ideas this week…. sorry!



Get To Know Our Tomatoes

New Girl




Purple Cherokee


Green Zebra


Striped German

Look Who Has Been Cookin’


Chioggia (aka Candy Cane) beet salad by Judy Khy


Hakurei sautéed with parsley by Lily Huang


Breakfast stuffed poblano peppers with eggs by Andie Janota


Halloumi. Hazelnut yogurt with red beets and mizuna by Laurence Louie


Collard chips by one of our loyal customers in Revere – Noh Won





Mobile Chicken Coop?  Check

Finally, our mobile chicken coop is up and running.  So going forward, your eggs come from “pasture raised” chickens.   We will be moving their coop every week or so ensuring that our girls are always on fresh, clean pasture, where they can eat grass, plants, and insects, while also fertilizing our fields.


It all started with an old broken camper trailer and a pair of free windows.


Demolishing it was one thing.   Sorting through the ruins – separating the glass from the vinyl, from the nails, from the insulation – and finding a way to dispose or recycle was quite another.  Got new wheels, painted the frame, and built a platform.

Then the walls and roof went up.   I got a lot of help from a friend to make sure we were building something that could stay intact over the many bumps, hills, and ditches yet to come.


Got some help from my dad as well!   After the walls were up, we insulated the inside with used insulation (still, it was expensive), and then put up an interior wall.


The cheapest linoleum I could find will hopefully pay off  by making cleaning a piece of cake.

The doors, the nesting boxes, and the roof…  I thought this was never going to end.


But the girls need their roosts.

0731161021g (1)

Wow.  Lesson learned.   A free trailer + free windows + cheap used insulation = still an expensive project.

0731161020a (1)





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