Oh Baby, it’s Week 10

This week’s CSA menu!




Mixed Cooking Greens


Sweet Bell Peppers


Farm Update~~ Coming Soon!

Special CSA Member Offers!

  1. Free Stevia plant leaves for anyone who wants to try a naturally low glycemic index sweetener.
  2. Juicy, sauce tomatoes available in 5lb, 10lb or 15lbs bags.They are priced at $2/lb. These tomatoes are great for making homemade sauce (which is ideal because you get to control what goes into your recipe–aka, you know how much salt you use!) For reference, 5lbs of tomatoes makes about 2.5 cups of sauce.

Text Kohei your orders! We will offer the tomato option a few more times this season, so don’t miss out!

Recipe Inspiration!

melon berry salad

Melon and Berry Salad with feta




Minted Summer Couscous with Melon and Feta




Pan-Seared Chicken Brest with Shallots




Shrimp and Okra Gumbo in 45 minutes





Fried Okra




Stuffed Peppers




Grilled BBQ Chicken and Veggies in Foil




In dirt, feathers, and hope,

~Movement Ground Farm Team

Week 9: Nope, still no rain

Week 9: Nope, still no rain

August 16, 2016

This Week’s CSA Menu



Cherry Tomatoes

Asian eggplants

Japanese eggplants (Providence/ Quincy) and Chinese eggplants (Dorchester/JP/Farm)


Diplomat Green Cantelopes for Quincy and some in Providence (Dania, Steven, Candice, D’andre)

Honeyblonde melons for the rest of Providence

Savor cantelopes (JP)

Watermelons (Dorchester)

Okra/ Yard Long Beans

Okra for Dorchester

Yard long beans for everyone else

A Slicing Cucumber for everyone

Jalapenos for those who requested them


Farm Update

Better sign up soon for the Fall CSA because we may scale our numbers back and space will be limited!    Stay tuned in the next few days for the e-mail, which will first go out a day before to CSA members, and then to the general public.   First come, first serve.  This winter, we’re adding MEAT to the CSA!    I can’t wait!    In other news, I want to say THANK YOU to my co-worker Serena Putterman.  They have been putting in 100% –  often pulling 10 hour shifts.   After a three month initial period, Serena is now our Assistant Farm Manager.   Serena oversees seeding, transplanting, washing/packing, documentation, and the Providence farmer’s market!     Also, our farmhand Justin Lamouthe will be returning to teach in a week.   We are now in search for a new farmhand – 20 – 30 hours a week and pay $10 – 12/hour + unlimited access to farm produce.   Please help us forward our job description – coming soon.


Recipe Ideas



    These babies stir-fry particularly well, or they can be cut up and eaten raw.   They are a whole new bean, so don’t try to compare them to the standard green bean.   Here are a few recipe ideas.



Spicy Stir-Fried Chinese Long Beans with Peanuts / Romulo Yanes

Spicy stir-fried Chinese long beans with peanuts – Epicurious.com


Stir fried Chinese long beans with garlic – tiny urban kitchen


Yard Long Bean Salad with Tuna and Dijon Dressing

Yard long bean salad – by orgasmic chef



This crispy pan-fried okra is a popular Indian recipe also known as bhindi. It's a delicious way to eat okra! Recipe by Ashley of MyHeartBeets.com

Crispy Indian Okra (Bhindi) – by myheartbeets.com


Bhindi Masala Recipe. Indian Okra Curry. Lightly spiced Okra in onion tomato curry. Restaurant style Masala Bhindi. Vegan Gluten-free Soy-free Indian Recipe | VeganRicha.com

Bhindi Masala Recipe – by Vegan Richa


Roasted Okra – by All Recipes




miso caramelized eggplant recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

Oven Roasted Japanese Eggplant with Carmelized Miso – by I Am A Food Blog




Chinese Eggplant Stirfry with Spicy Garlic Sauce Recipe

Chinese eggplant with spicey garlic sauce – by steamy kitchen

Our Own CSA Member Creations!!!


Honey sriracha salmon with zucchini noodles by Andie Janota


“Movement Ground Breakfast”
– duck eggs, melon, and nappa kimchi by Chesapeake First

laurenceWhite wine vermicelli, roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, and honeyblonde cantelope by Laurence Louie.




Week 8: Melons!!!

Week 8: Melons!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Cherry Tomatoes

Ground Cherries (aka husk cherries)

Watermelons and green beans for RI

Okra, honeyblonde honeydews, and duck eggs for Quincy

Honeyblonde honeydews and yard long beans for Dorchester

Diplomat cantelopes and green beans for JP

Savor cantelopes and green beans for farm pick-ups



MELONS!   Click to see the variety.


Dust Bowl 2016

The drought is just as bad, if not worse.   The recent heavy brief rainfall only soaked the first half inch of soil, none of it seeping into where the plant’s roots are located.   I am using the little water I have left  – my wells are about 2 feet deep – to barely keep things alive.   While I still feel blessed with our harvest and while production is good, we are probably getting about 50 – 75% less production in terms of weight.  And in this game, weight generally equals money!   So bare with our small melons, but they should taste just as delicious.  Sweet, organic New England drought-surviving melons!

So what am I going to do?  Well I can’t get water delivered unless I have a holding tank, which would cost over 3 – 5 grand and then I’d have to pay for several or constant deliveries throughout the rest of the summer and fall.  I do not want to invest in digging a deeper well  ($20,000 – 30,000) because this is not my property.

So I hired my friend to come dig a waterhole at one of the lowest point of my property.   The idea is that if we can hit the ground water, shove a massive PVC pipe down there, surround the pipe with rocks so that the hole doesn’t cave in, and so that water can be held between the spaces between the rocks, then I can throw a pump down into the PVC pipe and suck water out.  And hopefully the ground water will refill the hole faster than the pump is sucking.



Pasture- Raised Meat Chickens

Also exciting news on the farm is that we are raising broilers, or chickens for meat!   We ar0808161432e raising 190 Freedom Ranger chickens.  They are a moderate growing broiler… not as fast as commercial chickens that often grow so fast that they can’t even walk or often die of heart attacks.  They are pasture-raised in mobile chicken tractors.


0808161433aEvery morning and every afternoon we slowly move the tractors over onto a fresh pasture.  The chickens quickly eat up the tips of grasses and small plants,  and fight over crickets and grasshoppers.  Using two dollies on each side, we’re able to slowly move the without too many chickens escaping.  Okay it’s a little bit tedious.   But at the same time we are fertilizing the fields for next year.  0808161433

Here you can see what they do to the pasture in just 8 hours.   So, fed only organic grain, raised outdoors on pasture, with no antibiotics or hormones, these LOCAL chickens will be available to you on the DAY THEY ARE PROCESSED, meaning I hope you enjoy the freshest chicken you have ever experienced.  They will be ready around the second or third week of September, so stay tuned!





Week 7: Eggplant Tuesday

Week 7: Eggplant Tuesday!

August 2, 2016

Italian eggplant


Fresh Red Onions

New Potatoes

Siberian Kale (for RI) // Laccinato Kale (for MA)

Green Tomatoes

Everything will be in your box, EXCEPT your ripe tomatoes which will be stocked in crates that you must pick through.  There will be instructions about how many tomatoes to take.  Please let us know if our system is working and that you are receiving your tomatoes.

Farm update

Things are going well… except that it hasn’t rained.   I mean it barely snowed this winter, and I’m learning that snow melt is a critical source of water for the Spring and early Summer.  Then, it didn’t really rain this Spring.  We’ve hardly had one good rain this summer.  And now my wells are dry.   I have no more water and the plants all show signs of stress.  I’m working on a solution, and hope to update you all next week.  But now as I look out my window, I see some rain.

Weeks are passing like days, and our volunteer coordinating committee is starting to plan our harvest potluck.  So please SAVE THE DATE for Saturday, October 8th — rain date will be October 9th… and yeah, this time I hope it rains! =)


No recipe ideas this week…. sorry!



Get To Know Our Tomatoes

New Girl




Purple Cherokee


Green Zebra


Striped German

Look Who Has Been Cookin’


Chioggia (aka Candy Cane) beet salad by Judy Khy


Hakurei sautéed with parsley by Lily Huang


Breakfast stuffed poblano peppers with eggs by Andie Janota


Halloumi. Hazelnut yogurt with red beets and mizuna by Laurence Louie


Collard chips by one of our loyal customers in Revere – Noh Won





Mobile Chicken Coop?  Check

Finally, our mobile chicken coop is up and running.  So going forward, your eggs come from “pasture raised” chickens.   We will be moving their coop every week or so ensuring that our girls are always on fresh, clean pasture, where they can eat grass, plants, and insects, while also fertilizing our fields.


It all started with an old broken camper trailer and a pair of free windows.


Demolishing it was one thing.   Sorting through the ruins – separating the glass from the vinyl, from the nails, from the insulation – and finding a way to dispose or recycle was quite another.  Got new wheels, painted the frame, and built a platform.

Then the walls and roof went up.   I got a lot of help from a friend to make sure we were building something that could stay intact over the many bumps, hills, and ditches yet to come.


Got some help from my dad as well!   After the walls were up, we insulated the inside with used insulation (still, it was expensive), and then put up an interior wall.


The cheapest linoleum I could find will hopefully pay off  by making cleaning a piece of cake.

The doors, the nesting boxes, and the roof…  I thought this was never going to end.


But the girls need their roosts.

0731161021g (1)

Wow.  Lesson learned.   A free trailer + free windows + cheap used insulation = still an expensive project.

0731161020a (1)