Welcome to the Summer CSA at MGF!

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This week marks the beginning of summer, and the beginning of the Summer CSA program at Movement Ground Farm! This blog is your go to place to share in the MGF experience all summer long! We will provide farm updates straight from farmer Kohei Ishihara, recipes from across the globe, and a deep conversation on the intersection between food, community, and social justice. So bookmark this page and check it out frequently! We won’t disappoint!

Farm Update

We recently hired our first full time employee of the summer!  Welcome Serena Putterman to the Movement Ground Farm team! Serena brings 9 seasons of farm experience.


Our greenhouse went up in early May. Our walk-in cooler is complete. Our mobile chicken coop is finished! And now were setting up our washing station!

Thank you to everyone who used our new e-commerce website. This is a great new asset where you can sign up for a CSA, make your payment, and choose your pick up location.
Last week we acquired a 15 passenger van, giving us the capacity to be at two farmer’s markets (or deliveries) at the same time.  This year we will be at THREE farmer’s markets: Newton on Saturday from  10 – 2, Downtown Providence – KP on Tuesday from  3- 6pm, and Revere’s Friday Farmers Market from 12:30 – 4:30.
We have a NEW drop off location set up at the St. Mary’s Church in Dorchester, and will continue to use last year’s drop off locations in Providence, Quincy, and Revere.
With one year of experience, I hope to improve my knowledge of farming as well as the quality and quantity of the produce! This year we hope to spoil you with 9 varieties of tomato, 7 varieties of basil, 6 varieties of melon, 4 varieties of potato and 3 varieties of sweet potato! So far, all the tomatoes, onions, and potatoes are in the ground, and the first round of lettuces, chard, kale, and other greens are growing tall! This week we’re putting in the peppers and finishing the transplanting of the winter squash. New ducklings, chicks, and baby quails will be arriving in July; and this year, unlike last year, there will be a steady supply of duck and quail eggs (in addition to the chicken eggs)!
The glorious Emu’s continue to not produce any eggs! Now at 6 feet tall and with one of them hissing and kicking and acting up, I let them have their space!  The four rambunctious goats continue to escape on a daily basis.  =(
And already this year, we have had REAL help from a lot of volunteers!  Thank you Dulari, Sarath, Andie, Shannah, Gladys, Arline, Dee, D’andre, Martha, Kathy, John and Matt White, Jennifer, Michio and Melody, Trina, Steven, Charlie, Charles, Leelee, Anim, Sara, Judy, Stanley, Dimple, Saroeup, Theary, Sandy, Lily, August, Vanessa, Dania, Kourtney, Alin, Rosa, and Jenny.
In dirt, feathers, a lot of hope!
~The Movement Ground Farm team



  • Pink Beauty Radishes
  • Arugula
  • Red Leaf Lettuce
  • Red Giant Mustard
  • Red Russian Kale

Recipes Ideas! It’s time to get cooking…



Red Giant Mustard

Mustard Greens are used across Asia as well as in Southern cooking.   It’s peppery-bitter taste gets milder as it cooks; therefore, eat it raw in a salad if you enjoy that bite, or cook it down in a saute, stir-fry or soup and let it soak up the saucy goodness of your existing oils, spices, and flavors.   These greens pair well with pork (as they soak up the fat), sour flavors (such as tamarind-based soup), and definitely garlic.

Bacon Braised Mustard Greens – NY Times

Mustard Greens & Tofu Chicken Soup – Viet World Kitchen

Comfort in a Bowl – Mustard Green & Pork Soup – UC Press

Uncle Don’s Double Mustard Greens & Roasted Yam Soup

Omelet with Mustard Greens & Onion – Examiner


Red Russian Kale is our new favorite at the farm.


Red Russian Kale

Always a staple to give our fresh salads some more texture, and an easy addition to any stir fry.   Simply sautéed by themselves will surprise you!   Start by sauteeing or carmelizing garlic in a pan with butter, add chopped kale stems first as they take longer to cook, and then add the chopped greens after the stems look cooked.  As it wilts, add salt and pepper to taste.

Grilled Coconut Kale or Wilted Russian Kale with Balsamic Vinegar & Orange Zest – from the Garden of Eating

Braised Red Russian Kale with Tomatoes & Onions – What’s Cooking America




Pink Beauty Radishes

Pink Beauty Radish are great diced in salads, sliced for instant pickles, or roasted to bring out their sweetness!








Red Leaf Lettuce

Red Leaf Lettuce – this variety called New Red Fire – grows well in both mild and hot conditions – will sure to be a staple this whole year.






Bunch of Arugula

A slight showing of insect damage means that these Arugula taste great, and of course had no pesticides!

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