Free Vegetables for Volunteers

Want access to free, farm-fresh, organic produce all summer and fall?

We are looking to set up CSA drop off sites in Dorchester, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, and Quincy (and areas close by).   A free CSA share is offered to anyone willing to volunteer as drop-off coordinator.


  • Summer CSA: June 21 – Sept 20
  • Fall CSA: Sept 21 – Dec 15

Space & Location Requirements

  • First we must get 10 customers signed up to make this profitable – I will solicit customers, and would appreciate any help that the host person/organization/business is willing to offer
  • A place to put the CSA boxes that is relatively cool (e.g. not in direct sunlight)
  • A convenient and accessible location (not the 18th floor of a crowded hospital, for example)
  • Must not mind some traffic – imagine 10 customers coming into your space every Tuesday or Wednesday.   Some organizations and businesses have enjoyed and benefitted from the traffic.
  • A home is fine, as is a business or an organization.


Drop Off Coordinator Responsibilities & Perks

  • Must receive the boxes from the farmer on Tuesday afternoon
  • Must be present at the location during specific pick-up hours (for example, every Tuesday between 3 – 6pm)
  • Must communicate with CSA customers when there is an emergency or sudden change of plans (e.g. when the office is closed and no one knew about it, if there is construction and the boxes are in a different location, etc..)
  • Must compost, throw out, or re-gift any unclaimed CSA produce.   Customers must pick up their box during the specified pick up hours only.
  • Must assign someone to take over when not available to coordinate due to sickness, vacation, etc.
  • Must unfold and store returned CSA boxes so that they can be picked up each week for re-use
  • Will receive a FREE CSA share as compensation for this work – plus with unclaimed boxes, the coordinator will likely be overflowing with extra veggies during the season


first CSA boxes!

CSA shares come in a waxed cardboard box that we re-use over and over again throughout the season.


Q. I’m worried about mice.

A. We encourage customers to pick up their boxes the same day they are delivered, and the CSA drop off coordinator will dispose of any unclaimed boxes by the end of the day or the following day, so there is not much time for rodents to access their farm fresh produce.

Q. I’m worried the vegetables will wilt and the eggs will spoil

A. As long as there is an AC unit working and the boxes are out of direct sunlight, the leafy greens and the eggs will be fine.   Anything you can do to create a more cool environment will be greatly appreciated.   Cement or stone floors are great.  If you have space for a refrigerator, I can probably lend you one.   If you want to turn up your AC on the day of delivery, that would be awesome.

Q. Is it alright if customers pick up their boxes the following day?

A. Yes, the following day is fine. But I strongly encourage you to not offer the produce any day after that.   I am trying to provide top quality fresh produce, and I’m also working hard to encourage my customers to always figure out a way to pick up their produce. But it’s fine to have two pick up time slots, for example, one on Tuesday from 3 – 6pm, and one on Wednesday from 4 – 7pm.

 Q. What if a customer cannot pick up during one week or another?

A. I would like to handle 90% of communications with customers. If they cannot pick up one week, then they will communicate that with me, and I will drop off one less box that week, and I will give you an updated list that shows what is happening. Likewise, that customer may want to make up their missed share by picking up two boxes the following week.   I can handle all of this communication.   All you have to do is receive the list.

Q. Where can I find more information?

A. For more information about the farm, visit our facebook and/or wordpress page.,

Or, email

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