Who Can Help Us Build Our Local BOS-PVD Social Justice Food System?


My Coon eats too much!

My Cat sleeps too much!

So they’re both disqualified.


Who can help get us to the next level?   To triple our CSA sales, to expand into new markets, to launch new partnerships, and most of all to take us a few steps toward our mission?

We are searching for a candidate to fulfill our Field & Harvest Manager position.   Someone who is equally skilled in farming as much as they are committed to a broader vision of social and environmental justice.

Please help distribute this far and wide.

Thank you!

Kohei  =)




Field & Harvest Manager

Berkley, MA


$14 – 17/hour, year-round employment*, and option to live on the farm



Now in its second year in operation, MGF is ready to triple its sales through an active CSA membership program, a roadside stand, and a few farmer’s markets and wholesale accounts. Enterprises currently include mixed vegetables, eggs, and a dabbling into the world of mushrooms. In the years to come, the mission is to build an inspirational farm and retreat center that can serve as a hub for local food distribution as well as for events, retreats, and transformative gatherings. The overall vision is the creation of an ‘intentional community’ comprised of individuals and organizations that span the spectrum of progressive social and environmental justice movements. The farm hopes to impact the movement by connecting individuals, families, and organizations to the grounding power found in access to land, food, and community. More can be read about the farm at www.movementgroundfarm.wordpress.com



As Field & Harvest Manager you will be one of two people working full-time/full-season at the farm – you and the farm owner. As such you will have the ability and opportunity to make a big impact and help the farm grow towards its mission.   You will manage a couple of seasonal farm workers. Implied in most small farm operations, you will be wearing multiple hats and may have to engage in some multi-tasking as well.   Your main responsibility is to execute and oversee field preparation, planting, cultivating, harvesting, storage, and take part in some packaging, deliveries, and farmer’s markets. The farm owner will split his time 50/50 between field work with you and administrative and sales work.


  • $14 / hour AND free shared housing right on the farm in a 19th Century farmhouse. Housing includes a large bed room utilities, washer and dryer, internet, and access to a shared kitchen, dining, and living room.
  • Or $17/ hour without housing
  • Full-time from April to December (about 50 hours/week), part-time from January to March (about 25 hours/week)
  • Free vegetables, eggs, and other produce as it is available
  • Ability to make a serious impact on a small farm and be truly valued for your contribution
  • Chance to be involved in all aspects of the farm business, from field work to farmer’s markets to special projects and events
  • Connect to individuals, families, and organizations in the Providence and Boston metropolitan areas who are involved in various social justice movements and communities


  • Solid experience in organic vegetable production (3+ years)
  • Experience in field preparation (disc-harrow, beds, soil amendment, direct seeding, and transplanting) as well as experience in using tractors for all of the aforementioned.
  • A strong commitment to (or demonstrated perspective on) progressive social and environmental change that is inclusive of women, people of color, the working poor, LGBTQ and gender nonconformists, as well as immigrants and refugees.
  • Ability to drive vehicles and lift over 60 lbs repeatedly
  • Ability to be a self-initiator and to see tasks and projects to their full completion
  • Proficient and direct interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to create and maintain organized and clean work spaces


  • Reliable source of transportation
  • Carpentry and other handy(wo)man skills
  • Previous experience in management and supervising in agriculture



  • Send a resume and cover letter addressing how you are qualified to fulfill this position.   References will be requested after conducting an interview.   Send information to movementgroundfarm@gmail.com
  • Full-time from April to December (about 45 – 50 hours/week), part-time from January to March (about 20-25 hours/week)


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