Week 11 ~ 12.2.2015


Week # 11, December 2, 2015

Dried hot chili peppers
Red onions
Spaghetti, Shiro (white) kabocha, or Delicata squash
Microgreens (either arugula, hakerei radish, or a spicy brassica mix)


Wishing safe travel to our CSA members from Grassroots International and Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island who will be attending and representing our communities and issues at the World Climate Change Conference in Paris.   And congrats to my sister and Mateal.   Their baby was born at 3:47 this morning, despite the city lock down (and bomb threat at the hospital) in San Bernandino.  They are safe and so is their new daughter, Harumi.

Farm update:

Yesterday an Emu escaped.   I walked outside to do chores and an Emu was walking on my driveway.   I noticed the front gate was open, and as I dashed to the front gate the Emu seemed to try to race me, or just follow me swiftly. I made it to the gate first and slammed it shut.  I’m not sure how she got out.  I’m hoping that she slipped through two panels that had a gap and were connected poorly, and not that she had developed the ability and knowledge of how to jump the fence.

Over the summer, a police-like vehicle pulled into my driveway as I was eating dinner.   The vehicle said “Animal Control” !!  An energetic and buff woman stepped out of the car and came pacing towards me.


Animal control officer: You got Emu’s?

Me:   Well, yeah.

Officer: Where are they?

Me: Back there in their pen.

Officer: No they’re not!

Me: Yes they are.

Officer: Show me

I took her to the back to show her the pen.  She was pacing again, and come to think of it, I figured, that yeah, now is the time to pace, or even run.  And sure enough, the Emu’s were not there!   My heart felt like it sank into my stomach.   They were last spotted a quarter of a mile down the street and up a hill.  They were somewhere in Berkley, amongst the civilian population.

Michael and I rushed out of the house and down the street to where the animal control vehicle was now parked, along side a neighbors house.   She called for back up, and a second animal control officer arrived.  The sun was going down.   I was walking through a creek that was getting a little bit swampy, cursing my flashlight that was running out of batteries.   We had to give up.   Emu’s sleep at night, so it was no use looking for them.

We got up at 430am the next morning to beat the sunlight.   Within 10 minutes we found some tracks.   There were raccoon tracks and deer tracks, and then yeah, LARGE BIRD TRACKS.   But as the search went on, images of my three Emu’s running alongside a car on a road or walking next to a kid at a public playground flashed in my head.  I told Michael that I was going to get in my car and just drive around the town.

Ok, I was right and justified in my fear and sense of alarm to go driving around the town.  But I was just flat out wrong.   Michael had walked deep into the woods where he found more tracks and tried as best as he could to find more tracks and to ascertain their direction, and eventually their GPS coordinates.  Michael was wandering through the woods and came across an opening of a bed of ferns underneath an evergreen canopy.  A giant bird came running across the patch of ferns.  Another followed.  He found them!  They had found a pre-historic like setting, as well as patches of blueberries that they delightfully foraged through.

Sigh.   But we were out over a mile into the woods, so how were we supposed to bring them back?  Herding them back wasn’t a solution since every time lighting struck and thunder roared, they would scatter and later regroup.   We had to tackle one, tie up its legs, and then I carried the Emu back toward the house while Michael stayed with the two remaining.  I threw the Emu in my car, drove home, and put the Emu back in her pen.   Then, I had to go find Michael and the other two Emu’s, all of whom had not been stationary and were now in an entirely new part of the woods. One by one, we got the Emu’s back on our property and in their pen.

When they grow to their full size and weight, I don’t think carrying them will be possible.  Time to focus on their fencing.


Recipe Ideas



Sweet Thai Chili Sauce by Shesimmers.com

(only 20 minutes to make your winter supply!)








Khmer Sweet Fish Sauce by Khmerkromrecipes.com

(15 minutes to make)






Chili pepper flakes by perfectpantry.com

(Less than 10 minutes)



3 Microgreen ideas and recipes from Logro Farms






Roasted Squash, Microgreens, and Quinoa Salad






Mushroom Omelette with Microgreens by Dan from Plattertalk





And for some reason, microgreens pair well with seared scallops… or is it that anything pairs well with scallops?

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