Summer CSA – Week #9

Malabar spinach

Malabar spinach

It’s WEEK #9!!!!!

CSA box drop-offs is Wednesday, Aug. 12th for Boston & Providence and Friday, Aug. 14th at Revere Farmer’s Market for our Revere members.


The readiness of our produce has been a little more unpredictable this week due to the cooler weather.  While the mild temperatures might be welcome for us humans, our plants could do well with a little more warmth at night.  So it’s been hard to know exactly what we’d be able to provide to you this week until the last minute of harvesting.  But hope you enjoy what’s in your boxes!

This week’s post is quite a bit shorter than usual, but FULL of pictures :).  AND soon you’ll be reading posts from another MGF volunteer!  I (Judy) will be going on hiatus for a while as I’m hatching my own little one and will be needing all the time I can get to take care of my family’s new addition!


Here’s the tasty goods you most likely will be getting Week #9…

Small shares:
For Boston:
– Malabar spinach
(an edible leafy green, like spinach, but red-stemmed and “fleshier”)
For Providence:

– broccoli

– sweet lunchbox peppers or green bell peppers
– cherry tomatoes
– Siberian kale
– Mosaic Chinese Long Beans
(similar to the string bean but is much longer in length, it is able to hold its texture better under heat which makes it ideal for sautéing or stir frying)
– plus 1/2 a dozen eggs* from our hens
(* “best by” date written on the box, labeled ‘W’ for washed or ‘UW’ for unwashed; if ‘UW’ just rinse with warm water before use)

– a handful of basil
– heirloom tomatoes
– some Sapporo chili peppers

Vegan shares include:
– A mix of the above (no eggs)

Large shares:
– Farmer Kohei will notify you specifically with what you can expect!


Photo Gallery

Lunchbox peppers

Our sweet lunchbox peppers (basically sweet, mini bell peppers)

Pepper line up

A pepper line-up, with cherry tomatoes for size comparison (L to R: Lunchbox pepper, jalapeño chili pepper, Sapporo chili pepper, and Thai chili pepper)

Bell pepper

Bell pepper

Jasper & Sun Gold cherry tom collage

Left: Jasper cherry tomatoes; Right: Sun Gold cherry tomatoes

black heirloom tomatoes

Black heirloom tomatoes

ANNNDDD… if the temperatures warm up so that our produce feel comfy enough to grow bigger and riper, we may have one of our melon varieties ready for you to eat soon!! Check out the sneak peak at our melons!

Clockwise from top right: Ginkaku melon (has white flesh), Himey Kansen watermelon (a Japanese mini watermelon variety), Ichiba Kouji (has a green flesh)

Clockwise from top right: Ginkaku melon (has white flesh), Himey Kansen watermelon (a Japanese mini watermelon variety), Ichiba Kouji (has a green flesh)


For Recipe Ideas for some of these repeat edibles, please refer to some of our posts from previous weeks (check out the ‘Recent Posts’ menu on the right side of the screen).


Let us know how you eat and cook your CSA goodies by sharing your cooking stories and/or pictures on our Facebook page or leave a comment here.

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