Summer CSA – Week #7

Hellooo Week #7!!!

We’re testing an earlier roll out of our CSA blog and will try to work our way to posting a few days before Wednesdays, the main CSA drop-off day (Revere is Fridays).  Give us feedback via email or at the end of this post about whether you enjoy an early preview or not!

MGF representing at the third week of the Revere Farmer's Market

MGF representing at the third week of the Revere Farmer’s Market

Can you believe it’s already the end of July?!  Enjoy the weather and summer while you can (the sun has been setting a little earlier each day :*( … )!  Hope some of you have been able to enjoy outdoor cooking with our produce (zucchini, scallions, Napa cabbage, etc. can be enjoyed grilled).  The mix of sun and rain has been good for MGF, and things are looking really green here on the farm.

Some Business Reminders:

MGF CSA agreement

Just a reminder to our members about BOTH the rewards AND risks that come with taking part in a CSA program with local, sustainable farms.  Farmer Kohei is fortunate to have had many supporters in the VERY FIRST YEAR of Movement Ground Farm (MGF) take part in a CSA by paying up front for weekly, farm-fresh produce.  This “subscription” style of paying for produce that comes from a local and sustainable farm helps the farmer and business have a guaranteed customer base/ income stream to pay for immediate needs and bills.  Meanwhile, the CSA members are confident in knowing they are supporting a local business, have a better relationship with their food & food system (and the people who grow it!), and knowing that our practice of growing uses organic and sustainable methods.  BUT there are risks of farming, in general, and within the New England region (weather can be so unpredictable here… a heat wave in winter, and snow in spring, anyone remember?)… That is part of the risks & rewards of Mother Nature.  PLUS we use organic methods, so plants can be more susceptible to other dangers–i.e. insects that feed on and destroy them.

(Take a look at the photo of ‘Agreements’ that were part of the CSA Application you hopefully had read and signed when you became a “Founding Member” of our CSA program.)

Another reminder that as part of your membership, you do receive two (2) tickets to MGF’s Movement Building Food Festival on Saturday, October 3rd (more info will be publicized as it comes closer)!!  It’ll certainly be quite a food filled event!


CSA box drop-offs will be on Wednesday, July 29th and Friday, July 31st at Revere Farmer’s Market for our Revere members.

Feel free to bring your own reusable bags to pick up and pack your produce so you’ll be able to leave your box at your “drop-off” site and won’t have to remember to bring them back the following week.  Otherwise, please continue to return the CSA boxes from the previous week(s) when you pick up your CSA shares.


Here’s the tasty goods to expect for Week #7 (this week is in ABUNDANCE!!)

Small shares include:
– For Boston shares:
– pickling cucumbers (aka Kirby cucumbers)
– bell peppers
– heirloom tomatoes
– collard greens

– For Providence shares:
– English cucumbers
   – sweet lunchbox peppers
– cherry tomatoes
– Siberian kale

– Everyone:
– beets
– plus 1/2 a dozen eggs* from our hens
(* “best by” date written on the box, labeled ‘W’ for washed or ‘UW’ for unwashed; if ‘UW’ just rinse with warm water before use)

– Japanese eggplant (thin and slender compared to the more bulbous Italian variety)
– green garlic
– scallions

Vegan shares include:
– A mix of the above (no eggs)

For the few Large shares, Farmer Kohei will notify you specifically with what you can expect!




We can offer some savings and pass it onto our customers for these bulk extras because these items are THRIVING in our fields!  Hope you can enjoy it!

Contact us at 617-863-SOIL or MovementGroundFarm(at) by noon 7/28 if you’re interested OR if you’re our Revere CSA folks, contact us by noon 7/30.  Just let us know how much of which bulk order special you’d like (have money ready in an envelope with your name & order written on it when you pick up your CSA).

  • “Krispy Kale”
    You’ll get a bundle of our Siberian kale.  Try kale chips (de-stemmed), tossed lightly in oil, and baked.  Or cook them down into a stew, or maybe you like them raw for juicing or power smoothies!
  • “Southern Greens”
    You’ll get a bundle of collard greens.  Great for making a Southern-style collard greens braised with a smoked ham hock, or slice up and throw in a stew or soup.
  • “Basil Bouquet”
    You’ll get an assorted basil bouquet of Thai basil, Genovese (aka Italian sweet) basil, Japanese (or shiso) basil, and Lemon basil.


Recipe Ideas:

(Borrowing a couple of recipes from previous weeks…)

  1. If you enjoy cucumbers, you can always eat them raw (cut into sticks, they’re great snacks) and pair with your favorite dip.  Try some cooling recipes that can save you from the heat of summer.. a cucumber raita or cucumber yogurt soup

  2. Whether you get bell peppers or lunchbox peppers, you can definitely eat these raw and pair with your favorite dip (salad dressing, hummus, peanut sauce, sweet & sour sauce, etc.).  Slice them up and throw them into a salad, sandwich, cold noodles… Throw these on the grill or sauté them and they’ll sweeten up nicely!  Or try stuffed peppers (there’s many variations, use your imagination)!  Try using the bell peppers as cute individual and edible “cups” for a soup or dip.

  3. Tomatoes!  What can’t you do with tomatoes?  Eat them raw, sauté them, grill them, roast them, stuff them… put into salads, on sandwiches, eat with cheese, or cook on pizza or into omelets.

  4. For kale or collard greens, see the recipe links under the Bulk Specials.

  5. Beets can be a hit or miss item with some folks.  Some absolutely love it, others don’t care for it.  I love them!  After some rinsing and peeling, you can slice them up and eat them raw with a dip, on a sandwich, or salad.  But cook them up and they turn really sweet (can be roasted whole or cut up in whatever form you like).  You can also pickle them (these are also very tasty on salads or sandwiches).

  6. Use Japanese eggplants like you would their more familiar Italian sibling. But also great for stir frying because of their thinner skin and almost lack of seeds (which could give a slight bitter taste in the Italian variety).



Let us know how you eat and cook your CSA goodies by sharing your cooking stories and/or pictures on our Facebook page or leave a comment here.

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