Summer CSA – Week #5

Welcome to week #5!!!

Let’s take a peek at what some of you have been cooking up last week…

CSA member food collage

L to R: (Left) Julian’s hakurei turnip & radish pickling using one of our Bulk Specials; (Middle) Judy’s sautéed spinach & turnip greens; (Right) Martha’s stir fry medley of our bok choy, snow peas, turnips, & zucchini with other veggies!

Hope this makes you hungry to start on this week’s produce!

Reminder, please continue to return the CSA boxes from the previous week(s) when you pick up your CSA shares.  When opening your boxes, keep in mind that these will be our reusable packaging for the season so please plan to return them the following week and treat them gently.  The lid with “Perishable” written on it slides out (it will bend, do not pull) and this will open the box top and reveal your edible goods.

Here’s what tasty goods to expect for Week #5…

Small shares include:
English cucumbers (note: in the article there is a mention of yellow streaks on cucumbers while not so common on the English variety, on our smaller pickling variety it is usually a sign that side has not received much sunlight)
sugar snap peas or snow peas
– a bag of assorted salad greens
– some young zucchinis
– plus 1/2 a dozen eggs* from our hens
(“best by” date written on the box, labeled ‘W’ for washed or ‘UW’ for unwashed, if ‘UW’ just rinse with warm water before use)

… ANNDDD a BONUS: a bundle of Genovese basil (a sweet variety common in Italian cuisine)

Vegan shares include:
– All of the above, plus a surprise veggie (in place of eggs)

For the few Large shares, Farmer Kohei will notify you specifically with what you can expect!


Veggie Gallery

English cucumber   double zucchini

On the left is our English cucumber just hanging out, ready to be picked from the vine.  On the right is a “star-crossed lovers” zucchini, they couldn’t bear to be separated!


Recipe Ideas:

  1. If you enjoy cucumbers, you can always eat them raw (cut into sticks, they’re great snacks) and pair with your favorite dip.  But here’s a slight sweet & sour salad recipe using your English cucumbers in a Japanese-inspired cucumber salad (*note: if you don’t have sesame seeds but have sesame seed oil, use that; taking out the seeds of English cucumbers isn’t really necessary since they’re so small and tender to begin with…but if you really want to eliminate some of the extra water that the cukes will release into the dressing, feel free.. but it takes an extra step and why waste the juicy core?).

  2. A vegetarian & vegan recipe idea using both sugar snap peas/ snow peas & scallions, and served over tofu and a soy sauce dressing.  Also, the sugar snap peas/ snow peas can be rinsed with the ends and “stringy” parts peeled and eaten raw with a dip or dressing, or just slice it up and top off your salad greens!  For a quick use, thinly slice lengthwise or at a diagonal and top off your instant ramen to add freshness.

  3. What to do with salad greens…?  It’s so tasty and nutritious as a salad!  But if you’re not a fan or sick of salads.. you can always use it as your sandwich greens; add a little freshness to egg salads or chicken salads; or slightly wilt it into your pasta dishes.

  4. Zucchini is continuing to grow like they’re cloning themselves… make zucchini noodles by shredding or slicing into thin noodle shapes (there’s also gadgets out there that makes that easier); slice them up and roast or sauté them; cut into “finger food” portions, bread them (or use panko bread crumbs), then bake for a healthier version of zucchini fries!  Or there’s this tasty sounding recipe for a zucchini parmesan casserole.

  5. For the bonus basil, slice up and add to salads, use as a garnish for your stir fries, add into sandwiches for an herby kick, blend into mayonnaise for a great new condiment, make pesto, or blend with oil and use for cooking or in salad dressings.




What a GREAT response to this week’s BULK ORDER SPECIAL!  Farmer Kohei is psyched our members want more and we do enjoy hearing the excitement of cooking and eating fresh!

Wk #5 Bulk Special collage

Clockwise: colorful patty pan squash w/ young zucchini, pickling cucumbers, and squash blossoms.

Not only are these edibles growing in crazy abundance right now, it’s also very visually appealing from their vibrant colors and different shapes (visual appeal seems to do a good job at bringing in customers at Farmer’s Markets)!  The patty pan squash look like funny little wheels.. and the squash blossoms are such an awesome hue of orange AND THEY’RE TOTALLY EDIBLE!  The pickling cucumbers with its gradient mixture of light and dark greens are a nice color contrast to the other veggies, plus they smell so refreshing.  It’s such a great size for making pickles (hence the name), but also have such small and tender seeds, they’re enjoyed for eating raw (try slices in your water or juices… or add to some cocktails!).


Let us know how you eat and cook your CSA goodies by sharing your cooking stories and/or pictures on our Facebook page or leave a comment here.  It’s great to see what you’re cooking up and how you’re enjoying the fruits of our labor (literally :D).

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