CSA Week # 4


I can’t believe that I’m making money off of growing vegetables and that I’m distributing the vegetables to people I love and to people I admire.  Thank you for taking part in this ad/venture!
Field Update: Thanks for praying for it to rain.   But now I need everyone to pray for some heat.  The melons, peppers and sweet potatoes are all waiting for those hot days and warm nights.  There’s an infestation of the Colorado Potatoe Beetle.   Nearly every day we grab each potato plant and trash it towards a bucket and collect the beetles.  They are relentless and somehow come back every day.  But don’t worry, we will save them and we will all enjoy potatoes this year!   Nappa cabbage is around the corner and looks beautiful.  The peppers and cucumbers are all starting to produce small fruits and I’ve been picking at the first few ripe cherry tomatoes.
Business Update: Michael, my first and only employee, is doing great work.  I hope that everyone can meet him soon.   We are now up to 31 shares, and distributing in Providence, Quincy, Braintree, and Jamaica Plain.  A shout out to the staff at Grassroots International, Providence  Youth Student Movement, and Environmental Justice League of RI for actively supporting our CSA.  Next week, we will be at the Revere Farmer’s Market, which will be every Friday from  2 – 6:30.  We still have the capacity for 9 more vegan shares (shares with 6 vegetable items but no eggs), so please continue to spread the word.  And one of the best things you can do for us is to post your dishes and recipes on facebook.   For this Fall’s CSA my goal is to have 50 CSA members.
About those Farm Fresh Eggs: My hens are RI Reds which lay brown eggs and English Longhorns which lay white eggs.   I have 35 hens and one lucky rooster.  On average I’ve been collecting about 33 eggs every day.  They are fed vegetable scraps and organic grain, and they are all free to roam around the property and forage.   The date I’m writing on the egg cartons is a “Best By” date.   All of your eggs are laid within 7 days of you receiving them – guaranteed farm-fresh!  I write a “W” if I washed them (with only water) and a “UW” if they are unwashed.   When they come out perfect with no marks on them (and that’s the majority of them), I just package them right up.  These eggs can last over two months and don’t even need to be refrigerated.   Just wash them right before you use them.  Whoever gets the double yolked egg is very fortunate and will probably be winning the lottery!
Thank You Charles for coordinating the PrYSM/ Providence drop off!
Small Shares
  • Cilantro
  • Baby salad greens with mizuna and arugula
  • Giant bok choy – the last bok you will see until late September
  • Pattypan squash
  • sugar snap or snow peas
  • Extras: a small bunch of scallions and foraged purslane
A note on the foraged purslane: this is completely safe to eat and grown organically among my bok choy.   This is the BEST find so far of the year…we finally ate the damn edible weed – thanks to Michael- and it is DELICIOUS… eaten raw its thick fleshy, succulent leaves and stalks add a satisfying crunch to any salad, and when sautéed or stir fried, yum, they become softer but still retain their texture.  If you are sold as well, then now you have a wild green that you can harvest whenever you are camping, hiking, or just strolling through the woods.   They are most commonly found on farms and gardens, growing amongst the crops, as they like the fertile and recently disturbed soil.   They have more omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin A than any other leafy vegetable.
Inline image 1
Vegan Shares
  • You will be getting all of the above, plus basil as your extra vegetable item this week.
Our one large shareholder!   You will be getting all of the above, plus really awesome produce.  It’s top secret, so I will text you!
Special Orders
  • Kale Chip Special (giant bunch of kale) – $5
  • Zucchini Bread Special (two large ones) – $5
  • Bunch of kale or chard – $3
  • Bunch of Genovese Basil, Mizuna, or Arugula – $3



Judy’s Mizuna salad with roasted rasdish and crispy radish leaves w/ sausage

Sarath never seems to shy to flaunt his dishes

Sarath’s minced pork ribs with fried garlic and greens (kale, mizuna, and pea pod tendrils)

Kohei's pattypan squash, stir fried with garic, freshly ground cayenne peppers, tofu, cumin, and mustard seed.

Kohei’s pattypan squash, stir fried with garic, freshly ground cayenne peppers, tofu, cumin, and mustard seed.

Sandy's perfect soft boiled egg

Sandy’s perfect soft boiled egg

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