Summer CSA – Week #3


Farmer Kohei looking at some wild spring onions in the light of the setting sun.

Yay to another great week and some new CSA members!  Welcome to week #3!

A friendly reminder.  Please return the CSA boxes from the previous week(s) when you pick up your CSA shares.

When opening your boxes, keep in mind that these will be our reusable packaging for the season so please plan to return them the following week and treat them gently.  The lid with “Perishable” written on it slides out (it will bend, do not pull) and this will open the box top and reveal your edible goods.

Here’s what to expect for Week #3…

Small Summer shares will include:
– Hakurei turnips
– mini spring onions
– baby Zucchini
– Romaine lettuce
– arugula
– plus 1/2 a dozen eggs* from our hens (“best by” date written on the box, labeled washed or unwashed)

Large Summer shares will include:
– the above vegetables in larger quantities
– some surprise vegetables
– plus 1 dozen eggs* from our hens (“best by” date written on the box, labeled washed or unwashed)

( *Typically, we will collect our eggs freshly laid from the hens a couple times a day and leave it unwashed [unless it’s particularly dirty]. Leaving it unwashed means that a natural membrane around the shell is intact. Left this way it can be kept unrefrigerated at room temperature for a while, and can last up to two months in the fridge. Once eggs are washed, it no longer has that natural membrane and will make it more susceptible to spoilage, so it needs to be refrigerated; washed eggs are good up to one month.

Directions for washing eggs before use:  Use warm, running water. “Cold water will cause the contents of the egg to shrink, creating a vacuum that will pull bacteria and other nasties into the egg through the porous egg shell. Warm water, on the other hand, will cause the contents to expand against the shell, preventing bacteria from entering. …After washing, store them in…the fridge and use them before any unwashed eggs.”)


Featured Vegetable:


Spring Onions


Farmer Kohei’s Notes:


6.21.15 - bulk order special

(Clockwise: Siberian kale, Red Rover radish, Hakurei turnips)


(Left: Japanese Red Giant Mustard, Right: komatsuna)






As some of the farm’s crops thrive, we are realizing there is surplus of some items that are doing really well right now but most likely won’t last very much longer… But that means we can offer some savings and pass onto our customers a special pricing for bulk extras!

Contact us at 617-863-SOIL or MovementGroundFarm(at) by noon 6/30, if you’re interested.  Just let us know how much of which bulk order special you’d like (please have money ready when your CSA is dropped off on Wednesday, 7/1/15).

  • Baked Kale “Chip” Special
    A giant bag of our Siberian kale, a $10 value for $5.  Make kale “chips”, power juices or smoothies, or even stomach satisfying soups.

  • The “Pickling” Paradise Special
    Try a large mixed bag of our Hakurei turnips and Red Rover radish, a $12 value for only $5!  Throw it in salad, roast it, or make lots of pickles with it.  (Some people love it dipped in a little butter and a sprinkle of salt, though I haven’t tried it myself.)

  • Last Call for Komatsuna
    Have some more crisp, leafy, and light mustard greens, one bunch for $3.50.  This looks like the last week for it.

  • Last Call for Japanese Red Giant Mustard
    Have some more red-tinged, mustard greens, one head for $3.50.  It looks like the last week for this, too.


Recipe Ideas:

(..will be updated soon…)



Let us know how you eat and cook your CSA goodies!  Share your cooking stories and pictures on our Facebook page (some of our members and friends already began posting some of their own cooking adventures!) or leave a comment here.  We’d love to feature and keep your recipes to share in the future as part of our community posts.

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