We’re Online!!

Movement Ground Farm is slowly making its way online and leaving a footprint on the world wide web!

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Judy, aka FoodieJudie, and I’ll be one of the main contributors on this blog for now while Farmer Kohei tends to the farm :).  But we do hope to feature stories and posts from others in the future.  I was more than willing to take on this role as I consider myself an amateur “foodie” blogger and Twitter user, I LOVE to eat + cook, and I am more than willing to talk up a storm about food (especially if it’s fresh, local, & sustainable) & to help stir up some cooking ideas for all the tasty goods from Movement Ground Farm (MGF).  I also know that food is great at bringing people together (that’s why there are family dinners, potlucks, and the phrase “breaking bread”).  But I also am part of MGF’s Board Committee and a CSA (community supported agriculture) member!  I believe in supporting local, sustainable farms, AND I am inspired by Farmer Kohei’s vision for what his farm could be in the future.  You could say I’m ALL IN.

As MGF first formed as an idea and dream of Farmer Kohei’s, it began only as a thought… then came the business proposal, then budget plan & forecast, then a slew of supportive idea reviewers, a P.O. Box (before there was even any land!), eventually came a Facebook page, a phone number (that was a process…), an email address, then LAND to grow on, and we now have an OFFICIAL blog & website!!  Talk about progress!

This is exciting territory for us because we can post awesome pictures of the every day stuff the farm life entails, the wonderful plants we’re growing, and of all the wonderful people and animals that come through our farm (along with Farmer Kohei).  This will be where we’ll document what’s in our pilot “Founding Members” CSA (or community supported agriculture) shares from week-to-week.  We’ll also profile food facts, farm stories, adventures of the farm animals (all egg-laying birds, at least for now), adventures of Farmer Kohei… etc.!

Much of the content here will be in flux and continually updated.. but stay tuned!  We’re looking forward to quite an interesting and exciting year. 😀

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